You might assume that the bathroom would be the ge

first_img You might assume that the bathroom would be the germiest place in the airport, yet a study found that the worst offender was actually the plastic security bins. It makes sense, considering these bins see hundreds of shoes, loose change, and other germy items before being reused countless times each day. simonkr / Getty Images Check to see if your airport is using SecureTrays by noticing the distinct shape and seeing the Microban logo on the bottom of the tray. Each tray, provided by SecurityPoint Media, will be treated with an antimicrobial substance to prevent bacteria growth. Jaromir Chalabala / EyeEm / Getty Images Posted in Travel News Fortunately, there’s a solution in the works. Antibacterial checkpoint trays will be tested in over 30 airports over the course of this summer. Digital Vision / Getty Images May 30, 2019 by Beth The Germiest Place In The Airport Will Soon Be Getting A Fresh New Update If you experience germ-related anxiety at the airport, you’re certainly not alone. There are countless places in these travel hubs, as well as in the planes themselves, that are handled and used over and over again by countless people throughout the day. And most of these places just can’t be avoided. Fortunately, the germiest place in the airport will soon be getting a cleaner upgrade by this summer. What are your thoughts on this germ-conscious upgrade at the airport? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!last_img

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