The eleven of the 26th day of the Diario AS in LaLiga SmartBank

first_imgDespite the poor running of Racing, Figueras is completing a great campaign. Before the Alcorcón the central saved his team with a fabulous head shot at the exit of a corner. His second goal of the season. In defense it was iron, with five clearances and a blocked shot.MidfieldersSoro (Zaragoza) The twenty-sixth day of LaLiga SmartBank He had eleven protagonists that we detail below. Eneko Bóveda (Deportivo), with the goal of the sports victory, and Juan Cruz (Elche), with two assists with the ilicitanos, were the most outstanding defenses of last weekend. On the other hand, Yuri (Ponferradina) and Ibra (Oviedo) shone on the offensive plot with two doubles to give victory to their teams.GoalkeeperCristian Álvarez (Zaragoza) He supported his team against Cádiz with an exceptional performance. He intervened up to eight times, seven from within the small area. In the first part it is worth mentioning a stop below at the end of Choco Lozano. In the second half, his best intervention came in a shot from Malbasic in which he showed great reflexes.DefensesSipcic (Tenerife) He opened his scoring account with Tenerife with a good goal after a corner. Headshot in which he marked the times perfectly. His goal served to open the scoring against Sporting, in the victory of the island (2-1). In defense he had a lot of work and completed eleven punts and 54 touches.Eneko Vault (Sports) Sixth consecutive victory of the most fit team in the category. In the game against Las Palmas, Eneko Vault had a fundamental performance scoring the goal of the victory when Deportivo was worse. Assistance of Mollejo and header from the side, which opens as a scorer with the Galician team.Juan Cruz (Elche) The side is completing one of the best seasons of his career. He is usually a regular in this eleven for games like the one he played against Málaga. Two more assists to your account and already add four. On the first goal he attended Pere Milla with a low pass; and in the second he gave a perfect pass between lines to Escriche.Figueras (Racing) The Aragonese, property of Real Madrid, was the best player of the Víctor Fernández team on the Carranza lawn. That is a lot to say in a match where quality football was left over. His was the goal of Zaragoza, somewhat that treasures the enormous talent of the middle center. The young soccer player controlled a ball with the opposition of Espino and surpassed Cifuentes with a great Vaseline.Aketxe (Sports)center_img If the quality in Zaragoza was put by Soro, Alberto Perea put that of Cádiz. The player is being the most unbalancing player of the Cadiz and against Zaragoza it was no different. Electric and with impudence. From a boarding school by the left wing, overcoming rivals, came the penalty and the subsequent goal of Álex Fernández.StrikersYuri (Ponferradina) The Ponferradina man-goal made the patio of his home again in the areas of El Toralín. A double to overcome Luis Suárez, of Zaragoza, in the classification of scorers of LaLiga SmartBank. The first, a penalty that seemed a paradinha first and in the end was a powerful shot to the center. The second, a distant shot with the inside of the left foot to the square.Ibra (Oviedo) The great moment of Aketxe is going under the radar, but the resurgence sportsman is partly due to the level of the Basque. Magical and practical with the ball and solidarity in the defensive phase, were the keys to his performance against Las Palmas. In addition, he attended a Sabin Merino intoned in the first goal of the Coruña.Perea (Cádiz) Before the loss of Ortuño, Ibra put on the scorer’s costume to give life to a Oviedo who clings to salvation. The striker went from less to more in the game and, with the ninety minutes already completed, ended up with two goals in his personal account. The first, finishing off a center hung from the left. The second, with a strong shot to the opposite post.Stuani (Girona) A striker from another category who walks through the Second Fields more often than his rivals would like. His game at the Torres was not a prodigy in terms of created occasions, but it made everything easier for his people and the only one he had was inside. A subtle petroleum jelly at the first touch to overcome the Fuenlabrada goalkeeper.last_img

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