Music industry appeal: Urgently adopt measures to save 15.000 jobs

first_imgThe crisis that affected the performers themselves, who also employ a certain number of people without whom the realization of concerts would not be possible.   The key economic measures to save domestic companies in the music industry sector concern the urgent opening of a special credit line with HBOR, modeled on the economic solidarity measure for the tourism sector, and include the establishment of a special fund at the Ministry of Culture for all individuals in the industry. who have realized their work through employment contracts, and who at this time can not be paid even the minimum income. In addition, representatives of the creative music industry are asking the government to keep the existing package of financial aid for job preservation, as well as tax relief on tickets for music events at 5 percent and the establishment of a fund to support marketing activities in the music industry in domestic and foreign media markets. “For several months now, we have been facing the absence of precise and nationally harmonized recommendations regarding the holding of concerts and other public gatherings, the holding of which is now arbitrarily decided by local headquarters. Recommendations, therefore, exist, but at the city and county levels they are interpreted differently. We had the idea to organize 20 concerts at 20 city stadiums, but we received only 2 positive responses, one of which requires a maximum of a thousand visitors. Some have pointed out that this will jeopardize the existing tourist season in places on the coast. We have been prevented from working, which is why we have appealed to the Government to urgently adopt measures to save the industry, which annually accumulates consumption of more than 10 billion kuna, from which the state directly benefits. “, emphasized the president of the Association of Music Managers and Organizers Darko Tuček. “Today, we have a situation where the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, the Split Summer Festival and the Split Festival are taking place at the same time, while due to epidemiological measures, the Pula Film Festival and many other events are being canceled. As things currently stand, with the adopted measures, it is impossible to organize commercial concerts because in the beginning the organizer has the cost of VAT on tickets 13 percent, then the cost of the ticket system 13 percent and Zampa 10 percent, and then all other costs that accompany the organization of concerts”, Said Branko Paić, director of the Scardona record company.  Photo: INmusic festival It is important to note that most EU Member States have already adopted urgent grant packages to provide financial assistance to the music industry. So far, Germany has allocated 50 billion euros, Italy as much as 130 million euros, and the United Kingdom 1.57 billion pounds, while Croatian companies in this sector are still waiting for a reaction from the Government.center_img “From the beginning of the pandemic until today, about 30 concerts have been canceled, and among the 15.000 that this industry employs are members of my team. Our sector is one of the few that actually remained in lockdown all the time, and since all of us who are engaged in this business are connected with a number of other industries and activities and we all together form one big chain, the existence of a large number of people is really endangered today. “, said the famous local singer Indira Levak.  Due to vaguely defined criteria for holding public gatherings and concerts, the creative music industry is threatened with collapse, which forced domestic companies in the sector to submit a proposal to the Government of the Republic of Croatia to urgently adopt a set of economic measures to preserve thousands of jobs. Alek El-Kazal, project manager of the Ultra Europe festival in Croatia, commented on the impact of music festivals such as Ultra on the tourism sector and on the total gross domestic product and income. “In the past seven years, the ULTRA Europe festival has hosted more than a million visitors from over 143 countries. During Ultra, in just one evening, between 40 and 50 thousand visitors stay in Split, which generate total consumption of more than 525 million kuna, from which it is clear how much financial impact such events have on the Croatian economy.” Due to the situation associated with the coronavirus pandemic, more than 90 percent of all music events this year have been canceled. As a result, organizers of concerts, festivals and other music events, production companies, music managers, technicians, sound engineers, drivers, stage workers, fitters, electricians, security guards, agency workers and many others have generated almost no revenue in the past six months. . It is about more than 15.000 people and their families whose existence directly depends on the creative music industry. last_img

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