William Chia, The Culture Embassy: There is too little information about Croatia in China

first_imgWilliam is a corporate trainer and lecturer in countries covering the Asian Pacific, and for one term was dean of Nanjing International Business School Audit University Jinshen College. Author: HrTurizam.hr native team in cooperation with the company ProConcept During all my years spent in China, I have never come across a wildlife market, nor have I seen anyone eat strange or “funny” foods. On the contrary, I attended numerous Italian and French dinners with food and wine pairing. The Chinese extremely like to enjoy western cuisine combined with western wines which have become very common in China. In addition to the rich education he received at the Universities of Singapore, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Oxford, William has gained many significant experiences through his business practice, so the opportunity to socialize and gain new knowledge from William is certainly a great opportunity for our professionals. tourism.  And finally, what will you talk about in Zagreb at the Masterclass on the Chinese tourism market? The number of Chinese tourists, the number of trips and their consumption have grown dramatically in the last decade, and currently there is a growing interest of Chinese consumers and tourists in Croatia. How do you view this fact and what can we expect in the future? Many Western brands fail and burn out in China, firstly because they do not understand the culture, and secondly because many of them do not accept Chinese applications and social networks as inferior. While this may have been unthinkable ten years ago, the reality is that many Chinese apps and social networks in China are more advanced than Western ones. Likewise, what has a good result in the west, it is possible that there is absolutely no influence in China. MasterClass also brings new knowledge about Chinese social networks, the behavior of Chinese consumers, new moments created during this crisis and how to manage marketing and PR campaigns towards the Chinese market. Find out more details about the Chinese Tourism Market Masterclass HERE The average Chinese consumer and tourist is, contrary to popular belief, more sophisticated, insightful and demanding than ever before, and this greatly encourages the rapid development of platforms and applications on their social networks. Although Croatia was a complete unknown in the past, more and more Chinese tourists have access to information about Croatian tourist attractions, and in addition, Chinese tourists have already traveled extensively to North American and Western European destinations, so more and more of them are thinking about Croatia. Third, most Chinese applications and platforms are created for Chinese users, so Westerners face various obstacles during use. This does not mean that Croatian companies will fail to advertise in China, they just have to adapt… and adjust again. Western companies that have adapted have succeeded and continue to succeed in China. Their evolution started from a fascination with American and Anglo-Saxon culture, then an interest in European culture and art, while now, in search of new experiences that will enrich their lives, they are exposed to almost everything from all over the world. New generations of Chinese tourists publish their every step on the trip abroad on social networks, because the trip is a status symbol for them. In an informal conversation before the interview, did you mention how Chinese like to enjoy Western cuisine? Find out more specific information about the Chinese market at MasterClass on the Chinese tourism market – How to reach millions of Chinese tourists, which will take place 13.03.2020. at the Zagreb Congress Center. Next month, in Zagreb, at the MasterClass to be held at the Forum Congress Center, we will have the opportunity to meet William Chia, a marketing and PR expert in the Chinese tourism market. William will participate in the MasterClass as a lecturer. The choice of platform depends on the marketing goals of the company. Be aware of the fact that you have never encountered something like the Chinese market of 1,3 billion consumers. Contrary to popular belief, the younger generation can actually access Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Whatsapp, etc., but the point is that the Western promotion system has no effect in China simply because its functions, language and culture do not attract Chinese consumers. He is also the editor-in-chief, content strategist, market researcher and lifestyle magazine writer who is widely distributed in southern China. He collaborates with clients from the tourism and public sector such as Château Lafite Rothschild, Oriental Mandarin, Grand Hyatt, St Regis, Hyatt Regency, Sheraton, Howard Johnson Sandalwoods, Rosewood, Ritz-Carlton, and with several European and South American consulates in China. Photo: ProConcept The question that is currently inevitable, will a corona virus epidemic threaten Chinese outbound tourism? Should we currently give up on China in our business strategy? We must never underestimate the strength of the Chinese market and the Chinese people who will definitely defeat this epidemic and its consequences, as they did with SARS a few years ago.  At MasterClass in Zagreb, with our Croatian friends and participants, I will share more knowledge about how they too can use Western and Chinese social networks for more effective promotion and conversion of Chinese consumers and tourists, all to increase their final sales result. I will give an introduction to the most popular Chinese social networks and media applications, along with various case studies and examples from my own portfolio. Second, Western media are more focused on attracting Western readers and markets. These same media portray China in a less desirable light. In addition, the Western media is sensationalist and full of inflated headlines and content. This inevitably creates a great mutual misunderstanding between the West and China. As an announcement of his arrival, we asked him a few questions about the Chinese tourism market. Yes of course. But before answering that question, I must also look further at the misperception that often occurs at the moment, and that is how the Chinese eat bats and snakes, which is certainly not true. The one who asks this question is certainly not some connoisseur of China and the Chinese. Those who consume forbidden wild animals and eat such exotic dishes are in the vast minority, the vast majority of people have a normal diet like you and me. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for social media marketing in China, so it really depends on each company and business sector. In addition, social networking platforms and applications in China may become irrelevant in just a few months, so Western companies really need to keep pace with the pace of development. The fact is that the Chinese government is doing its best to prevent the spread of the epidemic… At the same time, many Chinese complain on WeChat that they are bored at home and want to travel abroad as soon as this epidemic ends. Therefore, if nothing else, Croatian companies should use this moment to plan, develop a strategy and start their marketing and PR campaigns in China. When the epidemic ends it will be in a good position to attract Chinese consumers and tourists. Here we encounter a problem, there is still very little information about Croatia in China, and the available content and marketing channels are not effective enough to reach Chinese consumers and the real tourism market. As William Chia emphasized, Croatian companies should use this moment to plan, develop a strategy and start their marketing and PR campaigns in China. And how to get attention in this large and totally different tourist market, learn first hand from the keynote lecturer –  Joanne Chan of IPPWORLD i William Chia from The Culture Embassy. Fourth, the Western Hemisphere is relatively slower and is just becoming cashless, and China, with Alipay and WePay, has already turned into a cashless society. In China, no one uses credit cards or cash anymore. All payment methods that increase the complexity of the digital sphere in China should be built into your Chinese strategy as well. How did you open the topic of promotion on the Chinese market, which digital platforms would you recommend to Croatian companies for marketing and PR campaigns in China?last_img

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