Entrepreneur Nenad Bakić is developing a cultural tourism project in Vukovar

first_imgZagreb entrepreneur and investor Nenad Bakić bought a plot of land in Vukovar, in Vučedol, next to the Museum of Vučedol Culture, from the Commercial Court in Osijek, where he plans to develop a cultural tourism project, the entrepreneur announced on his Facebook profile.As Nenad Bakić announced yesterday on his Facebook profile “”Today, the Commercial Court in Osijek issued a decision according to which at the end of last year I successfully bought (ie gave a deposit – now I still have to buy) a plot of land near the Vučedol Museum with the devastated. Bungalows. Of course, these bungalows are worthless, they should be demolished, but in my vision they can be good for cultural tourism, which does not exist in Croatia at the moment, all in the context of the planned Archaeological Park.”Bakić writes and invites his friends to suggest to him what ideas he can do and what exactly could be done at that location.The Commercial Court in Osijek, after a public auction, awarded the property to entrepreneur Nenad Bakić, for which he was the only one to bid, in the amount of HRK 452.465. These are 23 houses with a total area of ​​13.435 m2, albeit in a devastated condition, but due to the proximity of the Museum of Vučedol Culture, as well as the plan for daily development, it is certainly an attractive location.LOCATION OF PURCHASED BUNGALOWS / ACCOMMODATED CAPACITIES (BUNGALOWS) – pictured belowSince the opening, the Vučedol Museum has been visited by over 160.000 visitors, and according to the development plan, in addition to the existing space where the Museum of Vučedol Culture is located, the new 10.000 square meters will complete the story of the Archaeological Park with new facilities.In the Archaeological Park, according to previous announcements from the Museum of Vučedol Culture, there should be a planetarium, info desk, picnic area, Vučedol farm with animals from the time of Vučedol culture, boat dock, educational trails, excursion zone, lookout, but also workshops of old crafts. The entire project of the Archaeological Park should come to life at full capacity by 2023, which will greatly enrich the tourist and cultural offer of Vukovar.Related news:SPECTACULAR DISCOVERY IN CROATIA – THE OLDEST CALENDAR IN EUROPE FOUND!MUSEUM OF VUČEDOL CULTURE FIRST IN CROATIA USES A DIGITAL GUIDE USING BEACON TECHNOLOGYVUČEDOL MUSEUM INCREASES VISITS THROUGH SOCIAL NETWORKSlast_img

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