An inspiring race to the top of the Westin Hotel as a phenomenal blend of sport, business and tourism

first_imgDo you know that there are currently over 50 million runners in Europe and the number of runners is growing day by day?We are talking about amateurs, not professionals, who run marathons and half marathons, and most often they are business people who generate over 9 billion Euros of revenue each year to hotels, carriers and race organizers. The total income does not include spending on gastronomy, sports equipment, souvenirs, etc … “This is a great potential, and we are a God-given country with climate and geography and we have the opportunity to be full every weekend, especially on the Adriatic.”Points out Berislav Sokač, the organizer of the Run Croatia races, which are held throughout Croatia.The idea for organizing races throughout Croatia and the project Run Croatia, Berislava Sokač came naturally because she is an amateur runner, and she started with the decision to end her rich business career, which he spent in Oracle. The specificity of the Run Croatia project is that these are not classic races, but differ from other races through two main factors. The first is the organization of the race itself, which aims to organize races according to high European standards to which European runners are accustomed, and the second is the sale of experiences, ie the promotion of the Croatian tourist offer. “The idea from the beginning is that Run Croatia is not just running but movement. The goal is to move each location through the synergy of different industries through all the tourist aspects that the city offers. What foreign runners are looking for is an experience, an indigenous experience. When runners come to a place, they have not only come to run but want to get to know that place through all their senses. From gastronomy, history, culture, etc.… because running is not running but movement and way of life. Personally, I proactively encourage the local community to join our story as much as possible, from local restaurants to local indigenous entities. ” Berislav Sokač points out and adds that through the positive energy of running they combine gastronomy, culture, entertainment, ie the promotion of the Croatian tourist product.After a series of races throughout Croatia and connecting tourism and sports through our authentic story, Sokač is the originator and organizer of another great tourist story that combines two motives, business meetings and sports, all well packaged in a tourist story because the arrival is generated and at least one night.An inspiring race to the top of the Westin Hotel as a phenomenal blend of business, sport and tourismOn Thursday, October 12, the Zagreb hotel The Westin Zagreb will host a unique race, only for the bravest runners – “Leaders Up (stairs) Run- that is, a race up the stairs of all 17 floors, to the top of the hotel.After reaching the finish line, the participants of the race attend a conference, the aim of which is to raise awareness of the positive impact of sports, especially running on achieving top preparation and exceptional results, both in sports and in the business environment. It is evident on a daily basis that playing sports has a positive impact on achieving success in the business environment; through the development of a winning attitude, mental strength, focus on the goal and perseverance. The conference will discuss and give examples of various techniques of Excellence Training ™ and tools for adequate preparation of mind and body that lead to top sports and business results.  “Any product you create, you have to strive to develop further. In Croatia, running is still on the rise, but very soon there will be saturation in a certain number of people. He will look for something new. To keep a product alive, you need to create one that will give users added value. Thus, the idea came up in the Run Croatia team to take advantage of the positive growth trend of running in order to educate our runners and promote destinations and businesses with foreign runners, ie foreign business people who come to business meetings in Croatia. So the vision of the project is to go a step further than the current way races are organized in order to mitigate the inevitable decline in interest in the future. We intend to do this by working on synergies on an individual level among the runners themselves. To make racing much better for people to connect, communicate their experiences, learn from each other, etc. Leaders UP (Stairs) Run is just one prototype of how people connect better through sharing knowledge no matter what your professional background. ” points out Berislav Sokač from RinCroatia and organizer Leaders Up (stairs) Run races.Successful during the conference leader and entrepreneurs from diverse fields will share their experiences on the best leadership strategies. The audience and conference participants will have an additional opportunity to meet and socialize with the speakers in person and ask direct questions that interest them most.”In real life, a mechanic or gardener does not have the opportunity to sit at a table and learn from the president of a corporation, or vice versa, a CEO does not have the opportunity to learn from a gardener how he leads his life project. Everyone can learn something useful from everyone, and running is our common denominator that connects us. Our health and our knowledge is our greatest asset, but also a great contribution to the community if we jump out of the ‘closed’ circles in which we move every day without even being aware of it. That’s why we’re grateful to the speakers at Leaders UP (Stairs) Run who decided to come share their success with others, but we’re also grateful to those who decided to come learn something new. As the project develops, we will develop the story regionally so that such events can be used in the field of tourism and business. ” concludes Sokač.This unique and interesting race is certainly a motive for coming, and thus an opportunity to hold various business meetings when guests are already in Zagreb. When we talk about business collaborations and meetings, it is great if you and the other person have at least one common interest or hobby, so that the meeting and conversation take place in a casual and personalized atmosphere. Precisely because you are bound by the same tribe, motive, hobby, interest, passion … whatever name you call it. This is an opportunity where people of different professions find themselves in the same place, from managers, directors to owners of various companies, and in the old they are connected by the same story, and that is a passion for running, as well as an opportunity to reach some people you can come (see speakers). Thus, the first barrier of getting to know and testing has been broken, so in the beginning we increase the possibility of successful business cooperation or in the worst case at least you have the right opportunity to present yourself, your project and idea. Networking in the true sense of the word. Also, one should not neglect the quality content and additional income of the Westin hotel itself, as well as the positioning of the hotel towards hundreds of new future potential guests. The reputation and base of loyal guests is built over the years, step by step, and this is exactly the great story for new quality loyal guests.Of course, this is just a small part of the tourist mosaic, but it is certainly interesting as a concept, and maybe it awakens a similar idea for you to create new tourist stories. We don’t always have to look big, small events, congresses and stories that generate the arrival of 100, 300 or more participants are also important. More smaller events combined with a couple of big ones is a great combination. Of course, it is always important to know which target group we are addressing and what their motives are for coming. Accordingly, the generated experience and story and we move into action, ie telling a story.Certainly an interesting concept that reveals to us how there are various models and concepts on how to guess the right motive for coming and generate tourist spending. Be creative, different and unique.last_img

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