IT raids at SNJ group reveals Rs 400 crore undisclosed income

first_imgNew Delhi: The Income Tax department has recently discovered that SNJ Distillery, based in Tamil Nadu had accumulated undisclosed income of up to Rs 400 crore, an I-T investigation into the company has found.The I-T department had recently conducted searches at 55 locations of the liquor manufacturer that has been in business since 1989 in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Goa. The raids were conducted at premises of promoters of the company, key employees and some suppliers of materials. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’The investigation wing of the I-T department found that SNJ Distilleries had allegedly been over-invoicing the purchase of raw materials for their business and bottles, which constitute a major portion of the cost of production. The Managing Director of SNJ Group is SN Jayamurugan, who has produced a few films where former DMK chief M Karunanidhi had written the script and is purportedly close to the party in Tamil Nadu. According to the agency, it was found that the excess money that suppliers would receive was allegedly paid back into the accounts of some trusted key employees of the company. The I-T department said that the company had amassed and suppressed around Rs 400 crore of taxable income in six years. Meanwhile, the I-T sleuths as part of their investigation also raided premises of another liquor manufacturer in Chennai and Karaikal recently, from where they found undisclosed income of around Rs 300 crore. The tax authority has said that further searches at this group’s premises are continuing.last_img read more

Light Up the Blues Film To Benefit Autism Speaks Is Available Now

first_imgLight Up the Blues, a documentary-style film recorded at last year’s concert to benefit Autism Speaks is available now through iTunes.Video: Light Up The BluesThe film captures an inspired evening of music emceed by Jack Black and featuring musical guests Crosby, Stills and Nash, Rickie Lee Jones, Lucinda Williams, Don Felder, Chris Stills, and three gifted, budding musicians who are on the Autism Spectrum.To purchase the film in the U.S., click here.To purchase it outside the U.S., click here.Executive Director of Southern California for Autism Speaks Matthew Asner states, “We are so proud to have been involved in this magic evening and are ecstatic that the evening’s magic has been captured so beautifully in this wonderful film.”The film includes interview footage peppered with spontaneous backstage moments that give a realistic and touching look at the challenges presented by autism, as well as the tremendous hope and inspiration given to so many by individuals with Autism pursuing their dreams. All net proceeds from the film will benefit Autism Speaks.The 2nd Light Up The Blues concert to benefit Autism Speaks, hosted by Kristen and Stephen Stills, will take place on April 5th at The Theatre at Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The sold out concert will feature Crosby, Stills & Nash, John Mayer, Don Felder, Brandi Carlile, and Chris Stills. Also performing are special guests—rapper Watsky, indie artist Xolie Morra and The Strange Kind, Rio “Soulschocka” Wyles, Adam Mandela Walden, and Neal Katz.To learn more, please visit read more

RCMP search for missing Garden Hill First Nation youth

first_imgAPTN National NewsPeople living on the Garden Hill First Nation in Manitoba are preparing for the worst after several youth went missing during a boat trip.They set out on the water this past Saturday and were reported missing on Monday.An RCMP search the next day found their boat stuck in rapids and a 21 year-old male survivor sitting on shore.He said the group had tried to swim to safety, but the others were taken by the strong current.The RCMP continues the search.last_img

Wilders Doubles Down on AntiMoroccan Immigrants Statements

Rabat – Dutch right-wing leader Geert Wilders doubled down on his anti-Moroccan immigrants stance in a provocative tweet on Wednesday.“Netherlands has a huge Moroccan problem,” Wilders, who leads Holland’s Freedom Party, posted. “Complete silence does not help. If I win the elections next year, I’ll make the issue a top priority.”Republican candidate Donald Trump won the elections in the United States last week on an anti-immigration platform targeting Muslim and Mexican immigrants, which seems to have given Wilders an optimistic outlook on his 2017 election prospects. “Of every ten Dutchmen, there are six who are against immigration and ten percent of the prison population is of Moroccan descent,” Wilders added in another tweet. “Moroccans seeking asylum in the Netherlands are only pickpockets and perverts,” he said, just one day after making the suggestion that immigrants from the North African nation should be packed on a bus and sent to Belgium.Wilders is currently facing legal action for inciting hatred against Moroccan immigrants and questioning their right to come to Holland. The trial started on Wednesday and will continue through November 25th. He could be fined a maximum of 5000 euros if convicted of hate speech.In a new video posted on the parliamentarian’s website, Wilders said he considered the lawsuit, filed by the Dutch-Moroccan Alliance (SMN), to be an infringement on his freedom of speech as he believes “millions of people” agree with his anti-Moroccan immigration stance.Wilders is being sued for in incident that occurred during his March 2014 campaign for office, when he asked a crowd of supporters if they wanted more or fewer Moroccans in Holland.The right-wing party’s supporters responded: “Fewer! Fewer! Fewer!”The incident stirred a wave of discontent among Dutch-Moroccans, who filed over 6400 complaints in protest against the politicians’ hate speech. read more

UN envoy holds consultations on Western Sahara

Christopher Ross, the Secretary-General’s Personal Envoy for Western Sahara, started his latest trip on 21 June, and has so far visited London, Paris and Madrid. He is scheduled to visit Washington and Moscow at a later date.Fighting broke out between Morocco and the Frente Polisario after the Spanish colonial administration of Western Sahara ended in 1976. Morocco has presented a plan for autonomy while the position of the Frente Polisario is that the territory’s final status should be decided in a referendum on self-determination that includes independence as an option.The purpose of Mr. Ross’ talks is to consult on the best ways to move the negotiations forward toward a mutually-acceptable settlement, as well as to solicit these nations’ advice and support.UN spokesperson Farhan Haq told reporters that Mr. Ross’ meetings so far “have been very useful, reflecting a fresh interest in moving beyond the status quo and finding a solution.”The members of the Group of Friends that the envoy has met with to date have all expressed their willingness to work with him and the parties to ensure the success of future talks. There has also been unanimous agreement, Mr. Ross said, on the need to intensify work on confidence-building measures, including the resumption of family visits by air, the early inauguration of family visits by road and other steps proposed by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).In April, the Security Council extended for another year the mandate of the UN peacekeeping mission tasked with organizing a referendum on self-determination on Western Sahara.Known as MINURSO, the mission was set up in 1991 to monitor the ceasefire reached in September of that year.The Council’s resolution called on the parties to continue their dialogue under the auspices of the Secretary-General without preconditions to achieve “a just, lasting and mutually acceptable political solution, which will provide for the self-determination of the people of Western Sahara.” 2 July 2010The United Nations envoy dealing with Western Sahara is holding consultations in the capitals of the nations comprising the so-called Group of Friends, a diplomatic cluster working to help resolve the dispute over the territory. read more

Finance Ministry announces compensation package for victims

Karunanayake said that funds have also been released to provide immediate relief to the affected families. (Colombo Gazette) The Ministry of Finance today announced a compensation package for those affected by the collapse of the Meethotamulla garbage dump.Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said that Rs 100,000 will be provided to families of those killed and up to Rs 2.5 million for damaged property.

Ottawa is working hard to land trade deals abroad that businesses at

The survey said only seven per cent of the surveyed businesses were familiar with details of the Canada-EU deal, while fewer than three quarters had even heard of it. Only nine per cent said they took advantage of CETA and 17 per cent planned to use it.The survey, commissioned by the Foreign Affairs Department, asked questions of 507 exporting companies online in March and April, and also involved 40 “in-depth” telephone interviews. It was delivered in June and cost more than $132,000. Canada close to a deal with EU on possible fix to WTO deadlock brought on by Trump block Trade wars are the number one risk to the global economy, warns IMF Kevin Carmichael: How Canada’s internal trade barriers and standards bodies block the innovation economy Researchers asked questions on about a dozen of Canada’s free-trade treaties and found CETA wasn’t the only deal in need of a promotional boost.“Among Canadian (small-to-medium-sized enterprises), there was fairly low awareness of Canada’s free-trade agreements,” said an analysis that accompanied the results.“Few companies use any of these free-trade agreements; the exception is (the North American Free Trade Agreement).”The survey’s objective was to gauge how many smaller firms were aware of Canada’s newest free-trade deals, to what extent they were taking advantage of them and the obstacles keeping firms from entering these overseas markets. OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged European partners this week to finalize Canada’s trade deal with the EU, a push that came with his government facing a tough sales job at home: getting domestic firms to use it.A recent government survey suggests the vast majority of small and medium-sized exporters, which are positioned to benefit from the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, could very well be asking: CETA who?Fewer than three quarters had even heard of CETA One-third of companies had no interest in other markets and, among those planning to sell abroad, the top targets were Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom — all English-speaking Commonwealth countries.Trudeau talked up the benefits of the Canada-EU deal this week in Montreal, where he met with European Council President Donald Tusk and Cecilia Malmstrom, the EU trade commissioner.CETA is supposed to give Canadian firms preferred access to a $24-trillion market and 500 million European consumers.Canada has ratified CETA, but so far only 13 of the EU’s 28 member countries have done the same. More than 90 per cent of the deal came into force in September 2017 under what is known as provisional application but all the individual ratifications are needed for its full implementation.Trudeau said CETA has already helped lift trade between Canada and Europe. He acknowledged, however, that Canada needs to do more to make sure it’s taking full advantage.“Perhaps, the early numbers show that Europeans have been quicker to increase their trade towards Canada than Canadian companies have been able to engage with Europe,” Trudeau told reporters Thursday.“But we have tremendous confidence that Canadian companies will continue to benefit and increase their opportunities to grow their businesses through selling more to Europe.” For years, federal governments — led by both Liberals and Conservatives — have struggled to get more companies to pursue fresh free-trade opportunities beyond the familiarity and convenience of the United States market.Uncertainty around the critical Canada-U.S. trading relationship has grown since the election of President Donald Trump, making diversification a more urgent matter.Only 7% were aware of the Trans-Pacific trade pact’s details In addition to CETA, respondents were asked about Canada’s deal with Pacific Rim economies. That pact is known as the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and includes Japan, New Zealand and Australia.Similar to the numbers for CETA, only seven per cent were aware of the CPTPP’s details and just over 70 per cent had ever heard of it. About 30 per cent of respondents said they were at least somewhat likely to start trading with CPTPP partners.The questions also took up other free-trade agreements. The majority of companies said they had never heard of Canada’s bilateral deals with Ukraine, Israel, Chile, South Korea, Jordan, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru or Honduras.When it came to factors keeping them from exploring faraway markets, the survey found that the high value of the Canadian dollar was seen as the top challenge, with 69 per cent of respondents describing it as at least a minor stumbling block.The findings pointed to other problems, including uncertain regulations in other countries; lack of contacts; tariffs; a shortage of information on opportunities; linguistic and cultural obstacles; lack of financing; and Canadian export taxes and permits.Top targets for foreign markets were Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom — all English-speaking Commonwealth countries read more

Report to Security Council says Uganda Rwanda delay answers on DR of

In a report to the Council, the five-member Group of Experts on the DRC said the questions which have received unsatisfactory answers or no response over several of its mandates include statistics from all three Governments on the production, import and export of precious metals in which the experts found “significant inconsistencies,” meetings between Ugandan officials and armed eastern DRC dissidents and the activities in Rwanda of rebel DRC leaders Jules Mutebutsi and Laurent Nkunda.The Governments of Rwanda and Uganda have been cooperative or constructive, they say. On the other hand, “with the exception of the area of civil aviation, little of the other information requested by the Group was provided” by Rwanda. In the case of Uganda, its Permanent Mission to the UN was said to have failed to send the questionnaires home and “a number of the Group’s requests for information were not satisfied.”The Group called for sufficient resources to be allocated to the peacekeeping UN Organization Mission in the DRC (MONUC) so that it can deploy troops on the porous eastern borders and in airports to support the national customs agency and monitor air space and airport activities.”The weak border controls allow for lucrative alliances between leaders of armed groups and unscrupulous businessmen and the diversion of wealth to fund their arms-related activities and their destabilization efforts in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo,” the report on the five-week fact-finding visit to eastern DRC says.”The Group found, for example, that traders associated with FEC (Fédération des entreprises du Congo) in Aru territory use their influence to perpetuate a climate of illegality which enables them to maintain the infrastructure required in support of embargoed parties.”The DRC Government should be required to report to the Security Council about the development and implementation of enhanced systems for tracing all of its important natural resources and it should ask the UN International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for help with improving national aviation security standards, the experts say.The report tells of “certain areas of opacity in the implementation of the arms embargo,” with private aviation companies still violating regional airspace. The Group’s efforts to interview three crew members of one company who have been jailed since March in Rwanda were fruitless, the report adds.The DRC Transitional Government, meanwhile, had so far failed to investigate or take measures against individuals and entities for their roles in violating the arms embargo, including at least one person associated with the “sanctions-busting network” of Russian-born arms dealer Victor Bout.The Group says it has continued to gather testimony that FEC founder Ozia Mazio was not a victim of former Armed Forces of the Congolese People (FAPC) leader Commandant Jérôme Kakwavu, “but a key architect of Commandant Jérôme’s economic interests.” Mr. Mazio’s activities included smuggling 15 to 18 kilogrammes of gold to the Ugandan capital, Kampala, every 10 days, the report says. read more

Federal government to spend 500000 to gather data on foreign homebuyers

Finance Minister Bill Morneau holds a news conference before the release of his federal budget in Ottawa, Tuesday March 22, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Fred Chartrand OTTAWA – Ottawa is spending $500,000 to help understand the role of foreign homebuyers in the country’s housing market.The cash in the federal budget is going to Statistics Canada to help develop methods for gathering data on home purchases by foreign buyers.The government says comprehensive and reliable data on the number of homes sold to foreign buyers does not exist right now.The plan may involve collaboration with the provinces, including British Columbia, which recently announced plans to have homebuyers disclose whether they are citizens or permanent residents of Canada or another country.Many believe the Vancouver housing market has charged ahead in recent years due to an influx of wealthy foreign buyers.The rapid rise in home prices has pushed the price of detached houses well over $1 million in Vancouver and raised questions about affordability and sustainability for the market. Federal government to spend $500,000 to gather data on foreign homebuyers by The Canadian Press Posted Mar 22, 2016 2:16 pm MDT Last Updated Mar 22, 2016 at 3:20 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Pacers Get Bigger Maybe Better By Signing Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum, once considered among the top centers in the NBA, has spent the last several weeks looking for an NBA home. He finally got one over the weekend, and landing in Indianapolis could be a big deal for the Pacers, literally and figuratively.If the 7-foot-1 Bynum can regain a modicum of the form he displayed a few years ago as member of the championship Los Angeles Lakers, he would make Indiana stronger in its quest to dethrone two-time NBA champion Miami. Bynum would back up all-star center Roy Hibbard, and create more inside might against physically deficient Heat.If Bynum is more the plodding, disinterested player he showed before the Cleveland Cavaliers released him last month, then he’ll just take up a lot of space on the Pacer bench.”It really wasn’t a hard decision, I think it’s the right fit for me and, in all honesty, I think we’ve got the best chance of winning,” Bynum said in a statement. ”It will be great to back up Roy and I’ll do whatever I can to help this team.”Pacer executive Larry Bird said in a statement: ”We are obviously happy to have him join our team. He gives us added size, he is a skilled big man and he has championship experience. With the minutes he gets, he should be a valuable addition.”The concern is Bynum’s attitude. He was suspended by the Cavaliers for conduct detrimental to the team, reported as being “disrespectful’ to assistant coaches. The Pacers are said to have a locker room replete with players who get along, so Bynum’s presence and disposition will be under scrutiny.”We like to judge people for ourselves, and we know what he can be as a basketball player,” coach Frank Vogel said. ”We’re going to see if he can regain that form, and if he can, you have one of the best centers in the NBA. And now you add him to the mix we already have … The goal here is to insure ourselves against injury in terms of adding depth at the center position, which we needed to do. And there’s potential to add an All-Star caliber player.”After the Lakers traded Bynum to Philadelphia in 2012, he missed the entire season because of knee injuries. This season, after signing with Cleveland as a free agent, he played in only 24 games before the indefinite suspension. He was eventually dealt to Chicago, which quickly released him so it didn’t have to guarantee the remaining $6 million owed to him this season.Indiana (35-10) entered Saturday with a three-game lead over the Heat in the chase for home-court advantage and has made no secret of its desire to get the top seed in its quest to win the team’s first NBA crown. read more

NFL Draft preview Breaking down the offensive players

Draft Quarterbacks

Teenage girl arrested after 20 people watched race hate attack on 17yearold

first_imgA teenage girl is among nine people to have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a race hate attack on a 17-year-old asylum seeker. The local MP has described the attackers as scum.The 17-year-old victim, a Kurdish Iranian, was waiting at a bus stop with two friends outside The Goat pub in Croydon, south-east London, when the group approached them.After discovering he was an asylum seeker they chased him and launched a vicious assault, repeatedly kicking him on the floor and aiming blows to his head on Friday night. bus stop near the Goat Pub in Croydon, London Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Graffiti near the scene now reads 'Refugees Welcome' A 23-year-old man was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of attempted murder, while a 26-year-old man and 17-year-old girl were detained on suspicion of attempted murder and violent disorder.Five other people are still being questioned by detectives while a sixth, a woman of 20, was released without charge.Neighbours claimed up to 20 people watched while he was kicked and beaten on the ground. Shrublands area of Croydon Graffiti near the scene now reads ‘Refugees Welcome’Credit:Neil Hall /REuters The teenager suffered serious head and facial injuries, including a fractured skull and a blood clot on his brain, and last night remained in hospital in a serious but stable condition.His two friends escaped with minor injuries, Scotland Yard said, as officers were in the process of contacting the teenager’s next of kin.Police believe he was approached by about eight suspects shortly before the attack in Shrublands Avenue at 11.40pm on Friday.center_img It took place in the Shrublands estate in CroydonCredit:Neil Hall /Reuters Detective Sergeant Kris Blamires from Croydon CID said: “It is understood that the suspects asked the victim where he was from and when they established that he was an asylum seeker they chased him and launched a brutal attack.”He has sustained serious head and facial injuries as a result of this attack, which included repeated blows to the head by a large group of attackers.”Chief Superintendent Jeff Boothe, Croydon’s borough commander, called it a “savage attack” and said it was only the intervention of passers-by and the arrival of police that stopped it being worse.He said: “A number of bystanders and eyewitnesses tried to intervene and say to the attackers that enough is enough.”By all accounts they didn’t actually stop until the sound of police sirens were heard in the background.”  Government minister Gavin Barwell, who is also Croydon Central’s MP, condemned the “appalling” attack that police are treating as a suspected hate crime.Describing the attackers as “scum”, he said: “I think most people in Croydon will be as appalled as I am that what appears to have happened is a young man who came to this country seeking sanctuary has apparently been targeted because of his ethnic background.”London mayor Sadiq Khan also condemned the attack, saying hate crime “has no place in London, Britain or anywhere else”, while the Refugee Council said it was “disgusted” by the assault. I don’t generally approve of graffiti but saw this in Shrublands today…— Gavin Barwell MP (@GavinBarwellMP) April 2, 2017 Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn also denounced it, saying: “Absolutely shocked at attack on young Kurdish asylum seeker, who came here searching for safety. I fervently hope he makes a full recovery.” Twenty people are said to have watched as the attack took placeCredit:Neil Hall /Reuterslast_img read more

Worlds oldest bell ringer captured in WW2 hopes to be reunited with

first_img“The doctor told me I probably wouldn’t make old bones, but I had just got married, and my wife said ‘you leave that to me’ – and she looked after me so well.” “If I saw him again, I would take him by both hands and say, ‘look, I’m still walking!’ And someone up there has been guiding him and guiding me too,” he added.Dreaming of the St Mary’s Church in Sunbury, Surrey, kept him going through his ordeal as a prisoner of war in North Africa, Italy and finally Dresden, where he still was imprisoned when it was bombed in 1945. When forced to make bricks in Germany he carved images of the church into the clay. “While I was away one of the old ringers told my family, who would write to me while I was a prisoner, ‘tell Dennis that I’m looking after the bells for him while he is away and everything will be ready for him when he comes home’,” he said. As a prisoner of war, when asked by the British Red Cross to identify himself in eight words for his relatives to know he was alive, he sent the message “Keep the old bells a-ringing”.But his love for bell-ringing almost got him into trouble with the German authorities, after he wrote out a section of bell music on toilet paper, leaving it in his overalls overnight. It would found by camp staff who were convinced it was a secret code. “I told them it was bell music, and they started to argue amongst themselves. Then the owner of the brickfield came in to get me back to work.  Dennis Brock, aged 98 Credit:Teri Pengilley At 98, Dennis Brock has been ringing the bells at his local church in Sunbury-on-Thames for 86 years.A bell-ringer since before he served in the Second World War, he had the use of his legs saved by an Italian soldier after becoming ill through malnutrition in a prisoner-of-war camp. But Mr Brock, who is believed to be the world’s oldest active bell-ringer, has never been able to thank the man. Now he is searching for the mysterious Italian who saved his ability to walk – and his bell-ringing career.The Italian lieutenant used a groundbreaking treatment to save his legs, injecting a serum into his lymphatic gland.  Dennis Brock, aged 98  He only knows his name – Antonino Alessi – and the fact that he was aged around 25 and serving as a “tenente” – or lieutenant – in the Italian army in the Ferrara area in 1943. He wrote to the hospital after returning home at the end of the war but never received a reply. Mr Brock, who served as a lance-bombardier, was captured by German soldiers in North Africa in June 1942 and spent the rest of the war a prisoner. He became ill from malnutrition while interned in a camp in Italy in 1943. A British doctor recommended that he be transferred to a local cottage hospital, where he received the pioneering treatment from the Italian, who had learned it in Abyssinia. He said: “He did an experiment, with my agreement. He said ‘you’ll never walk again if it fails’, but it didn’t fail. I climb up bell-tower stairs and I can still drive a car.center_img Dennis Brock as a young soldier when he was first called up in the Summer of 1939 “I never did hear any more about it,” he said.  Dennis Brock as a young soldier when he was first called up in the Summer of 1939Credit:Teri Pengilley for the Telegraph Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Technology allows Multotec to offer a host of heavy and light duty

first_imgSince the commissioning of its rubber injection moulding and compression moulding machines, Multotec has been able to offer a host of solutions relating to the production of heavy and light duty rubber screen panels in all shapes and forms. Such has been the local and international market demand for these products that over the past four years the company has quadrupled its production capability in this area. Underpinned by a heavy investment in moulds, Multotec has dramatically improved its speed to market and enabled highly competitive pricing.“We continually improve the performance of our rubber panels by building on our understanding of the compounds that work best in specific applications,” Roy Roche, Multotec’s Vice President: Screening Media, says. “And, as the leading screening media solutions provider in the African market, we’ve significantly improved our capability to produce rubber trommel panels.“Through local and international collaboration, our experience in producing rubber panels for diverse applications around the globe has grown in leaps and bounds and the world market has recognised this capability. Fifty percent of our rubber panel production in 2013 went into Australia’s iron ore industry, while our overall turnover from rubber solutions has multiplied five times in the past four years.”Multotec supplies these products on a made-to-order basis, producing about 500 different items for rubber screens alone, with repeatable and consistent quality.The company commissioned a second injection moulding machine in 2013, which is capable of producing rubber screen panels up to 10 kg. This machine features a twin cavity system that makes it possible to produce two products simultaneously and incorporates a cold runner system.“Rubber is gradually coming into its own as a viable alternative to polyurethane screen panels in certain applications,” says Roche. “It offers a cost effective solution in sticky dry applications that require relatively fine aperture sizes.Multotec’s injection moulded rubber screen panels were traditionally used in primary, dry screening applications, however, the commissioning of the second machine represented a significant investment by bringing the injection moulding process on-site to manufacture screening media for smaller aperture applications in a size range up to 50 mm. This technology has broadened Multotec’s product range well beyond polyurethane panels, allowing the company to produce a range of modular injection moulded rubber screen panels that complement its compression moulded line-up — effectively presenting a full solution to the mining industry.For each application, Multotec prepares custom-made moulds to suit both the rubber compound and the application and Roche says customers who are using these products are extremely satisfied with their overall performance. The company is now expanding progressively into rubber injection moulding as the market for these products opens up.last_img read more

Varadkar edges ahead of Coveney in Fine Gael leadership poll

first_img 98 Comments Varadkar edges ahead of Coveney in Fine Gael leadership poll Among Fine Gael supporters, 35% preferred Leo Varadkar, while 30% chose Simon Coveney. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: By Gráinne Ní Aodha LEO VARADKAR IS leading the pack slightly in the race for the Fine Gael leadership.In a new Sunday Business Post/Red C poll published today, Social Protection Minister Varadkar is on 29%, with Housing Minister Simon Coveney on his heels at 27%.Here’s how those polled felt about the other possible contenders: 13,817 Views Source: Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews.ieSpeaking today on RTÉ’s Marian Finucane Show, Varadkar said that it was important to remember that there was no leadership contest launched, and he apologised to the public that they would have to listen to political rumours about it for the next six weeks.A fellow panellist quipped that he could cut that time frame short if he wanted.He added that he and Coveney didn’t agree to back down in demanding Enda Kenny give a timeline for stepping down, but they did agree the party needs to be united no matter who is elected. Varadkar has been minister for transport, health, and now social protection, and received praise in the past for publicly defending whistleblower Maurice McCabe.His transparent and frank way of speaking, as well as frequent media appearances have shown him to be popular among voters – although this poll shows that hasn’t won him much of a lead.Simon Coveney, a previous minister for agriculture and Cork native, has won favour for working on issues within the rural community. He has also been tasked with tackling the housing and homelessness issues in Ireland. Image: Share281 Tweet Email1 Richard Bruton; 10%Paschal Donohoe; 5%Simon Harris; 4%Frances Fitzgerald; 3% The two of us are very determined that whatever the outcome that the party is united [after the result].He added that a new poll showing support for the parties, which saw Fine Gael remain on 24% despite the garda controversy in recent weeks, was a relief for the party.“We tend to do better in Red C Polls than in other polls, but the poll is reassuring for the party. At 24%, we’re only one [percentage point] lower than the election result.”Taoiseach Enda Kenny told a parliamentary party last week that he would give a timeline for his departure after returning from his visit to the White House for St Patrick’s Day.Read: New poll shows that support for Sinn Féin is at its highest level in a yearRead: The contenders for the Fine Gael leadership, ranked from most to least likely Feb 26th 2017, 12:37 PM Short URL Sunday 26 Feb 2017, 12:37 PMlast_img read more

Roma close to rounding up NZonzi deal

first_imgRoma are close to completing the signing of French midfielder Steven N’Zonzi from La Liga side Sevilla, according to recent reportsN’Zonzi, 29, has been a significant subject of transfer speculation this summer following his World Cup heroics with France.Despite playing a cameo role at the World Cup, the player’s quality is never in doubt, thereby making him one of the most sought-after midfielders in recent times.The former Stoke player was a top target for Arsenal’s boss Unai Emery who worked with him at Sevilla.Rick Karsdorp, Roma, Serie AKarsdorp reveals he had too much stress at Roma Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 The Dutch defender has been with the Gialorrossi since 2017, but he has not enjoyed his time in the Italian Lega Serie A.However, it’s believed Roma have moved into the crucial phase for the deal to bring Steven N’Zonzi to the club.Monchi is involved in the closing stages of negotiations with Sevilla, and it could be a matter of hours until the deal is completed.The fee will be set at €30 million plus add-ons, which is a figure near the player’s €35 million release clause. Roma want to close the deal for N’Zonzi; the player is close to joining the giallorossi.last_img read more

City Of Kenai Hosts First Annual Kite Festival

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The first Annual City of Kenai Kite Festival took flight this Saturday out at North Beach in Kenai. This free event boasted many fun activities including hot dogs, a build-a-kite station, kite giveaway, kite demo by Alaskiters, and more. Residents had the opportunity to build their own kite at the Kenai Public Library the day before the event with materials donated by Spenard Builders Supply. Ostrander: “Wal-Mart got really excited and donated 50 kits to the festival. Really excited, and I think this is something that will catch on that we can do year after year.” At one point nearly 50 kites filed the skies of the beach, with over 100 participants at the event. Kenai City Manager Paul Ostrander: “We’re really excited about it, and it’s been surprising how much support we’ve gotten as we through this idea out there.”last_img read more

Mortal Kombat 11 Kharacter Guide Jax

first_imgWho Are They?Jackson “Jax” Briggs is another one of the Special Forces army dudes and Sonya Blade’s commander. In Mortal Kombat 11 his military PTSD (combined with having been an evil zombie for years) is actually some of the best dramatic material in the story. Originally he had two perfectly normal buff arms. But after they were ripped off, in a rare example of Mortal Kombat violence actually sticking, he replaced them with bionic metal limbs.Kombat KhronologyJax first appeared in Mortal Kombat 2 bringing some appreciated diversity to the cast with his Not Carl Weathers energy. And he’s been a core good guy fighter ever since. He even starred in his own spin-off game Mortal Kombat: Special Forces. And Michael Jai White was the perfect casting for the various live-action Mortal Kombat web shows. Oh, and haters can suck it because Jax deciding to use Mortal Kombat 11’s time travel gimmick as a way to undo slavery actually rules.Koolest KustomizationsI prefer the gruff, old weathered Jax to his younger counterpart. And I keep that aesthetic consistent with metal arms that look as worn down and barely kept together as he is. My Jax has real Logan vibes. As a slow grappler, Jax needs to do big damage up close as opposed to moving around. So I augment this with his short-range shotgun blast, heavy overhead swing, and fast clap that does damage based on the new mechanic where Jax’s arms build up heat as you use them.How Gross Is The Fatality?I’m going to break my rule and actually talk about Jax’s Fatal Blow instead of his Fatality. His Fatality is pretty gross, punching his way through your body. But during his Fatal Blow, the inhuman speed and ferocity in which he just pummels your face and stomach with his metal fists knocks me out every time I do it. Stay on target There have been eleven main Mortal Kombat games. Can you believe it? The 90s were that long ago. Since then the fighting game has become a gory institution as colorful ninjas and sorcerers and special forces agents collide to rip each others’ guts out in wacky martial arts tournaments.But in the past decade Mortal Kombat has gone from just a recognizable violent fighting game to a really good recognizable violent fighting game. And the recently released Mortal Kombat 11 brings the reboot trilogy home with a story mode stretching across all of history and new ways for customizing characters to your liking, with different skills and gear to make the accessible mechanics even more varied and deep.Expensive cutscenes and ancillary (arguably exploitative) side content aren’t worth anything though if your fighting game doesn’t have a solid roster. Fortunately, Mortal Kombat 11 gives you a diverse cast of kombatants on which to unleash your bloodlust. And we’re taking a look at every single one of them. Today’s fighter: Jax.AdChoices广告 ‘Mortal Kombat 11’ Kharacter Guide: Nightwolf‘Street Fighter V’ and ‘Mortal Kombat 11’ Get Ne… Mortal Kombat 11 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. For more, read our spine-ripping impressions of the game as a whole, learn more about Mortal Kombat’s history with the government, and check out our character guide for the much less violent fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.View as: One Page Slides1/271. Read Our Full Mortal Kombat 11 ReviewRead Johnny Cage’s Guide2. Read Sub-Zero’s Guide3. Read Erron Black’s Guide4. Read Scorpion’s Guide5. Read Liu Kang’s Guide6. Read Raiden Guide7. Read Kitana’s Guide8. Read Kung Lao’s Guide9. Read Cetrion’s Guide10. Read Jade’s Guide11. Read Kotal Kahn’s Guide12. Read Skarlet’s Guide13. Read Noob Saibot’s Guide14. Read Geras’ Guide15. Read Baraka’s Guide16. Read Jax’s Guide17. Read Jacqui Briggs’ Guide18. Read Frost’s Guide19. Read D’Vorah’s Guide20. Read Kabal’s Guide21. Read Kano’s Guide22. Read Cassie Cage’s Guide23. Read Shao Kahn’s Guide24. Read Kollector’s Guide25. Read Sonya Blade’s Guide26. Read Shang Tsung’s Guide27. Read Nightwolf’s Guidelast_img read more

The Wild One How Marlon Brando Brought the Motorcycle Rebel to the

first_imgMost people recognize his name and are familiar with many of his movies. Marlon Brando, born in 1924, worked hard to play great roles on both the stage and the big screen. He studied under great acting teachers and became one of the best at his profession.Marlon Brando as ‘Johnny Strabler’. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)While many people know he was a star in the acting world, many are unaware that his style and demeanor helped make him an icon in the motorcycle world as well.According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, Brando rejected classical dramatic training. Instead, he studied “method acting” under Stella Adler and eventually made a few appearances in stage plays until he was propelled to star status in 1947 with the play A Streetcar Named Desire.A 24-year-old Marlon Brando on the set of the Broadway production of A Streetcar Named Desire, 1948While this play, and later the movie depiction, made him a household name, it wasn’t until another movie, six years later, that he developed his tough-guy motorcycle image.That movie, according to Motorcycle Cruiser, was The Wild One. In it, Brando rode his own Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle and sported a leather jacket and jeans, a look that became iconic. This tough-guy image was later adopted by James Dean, another legendary actor who would play raw, rebellious roles as well.Photo of Marlon Brando from the television program MGM Parade.This image, also furthered by Steve McQueen, allowed the motorcycle community to become more mainstream.Having guys like Brando on the big screen would allow the community to express itself and create the image it wanted to portray.Marlon Brando. Photo Lou Wolf49 -Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0Marlon Brando’s career continued to grow, and his popularity increased. Not only was his style an icon for motorcycle riders everywhere, but the look spread to others.He was seen, along with the rest of the community, as a tough rebel who wouldn’t back down from anybody.Of course, the portrayal showed motorcycle riders as having good hearts in the end and always described them as people who would do the right thing and fight for the freedom of themselves and others.Brando with Eva Marie Saint in the trailer for On the Waterfront (1954)While Brando may have been “The Wild One,” he truly represented an entire community of people. His style was imitated across the country, and the persona he created inspired many to adopt his attitude and demeanor. It is even thought that Elvis Presley developed a lot of his style from the image that Marlon Brando created.While there are plenty of actors who can make good movies and become famous, there are not many who become a cultural icon for entire generations.American actors Marlon Brando (1924 – 2004) (left) (as Don Vito Corleone) and Lenny Montana (1926 – 1992) (as Luca Brasi) in a scene from ‘The Godfather’ (directed by Francis Ford Coppola), New York, New York, 1972. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)Vanity Fair describes his acting as having a visceral intensity that influenced both his ability to act and the tough-guy image that he portrayed.His range of emotion could be captured in one unflinching glare, and the roles he played often put off a “don’t mess with me” aura.Marlon Brando, 27 December 1948.Although he has been hailed for both his work and image, even being described by Vanity Fair as the “King” of acting, Encyclopaedia Britannica reports that he actually had some contempt for the profession.He resented the job and could not accept the huge amounts of praise that people gave him. His autobiography detailed his disdain and many believe that this led to some lackluster performances.No matter his own feelings toward his career, Marlon Brando quickly became a cultural icon that influenced generations. His work lives on through TV screens across the nation, and his image, whether people realize it or not, has proliferated in the motorcycle riding community and been adopted by many other actors and movie characters.Read another story from us: Marlon Brando and the education of an American iconHis role in The Wild One will forever be the archetype for anyone who wishes to play, or be, a tough, motorcycle-riding outlaw.last_img read more

Conor McGregor obtains California boxing license fueling Mayweather fight speculation

first_img The biggest  obstacle holding up the fight, according to reports, is how the money would be split between the fighters. Mayweather is demanding an uneven split of the purse. McGregor, who currently the biggest star in either sport, disagrees with the proposal.Even if the fight is a complete trainwreck, how could it be any less entertaining than Mayweather/Pacquiao? Make it happen.Here’s a video of McGregor responding to some some smack talk where Mayweather called him an “ant.” Advertisement It’s been confirmed that UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor has obtained a California professional boxing license, fueling speculation that the rumored mega fight with boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather could become a reality.The conventional wisdom is that if the fight did take place, it would be fought as a boxing match to make it a functional event.McGregor obtaining his license could also be a giant publicity stunt from the PR savvy UFC star, who, one would imagine, was aware that the news of his license would become publicly available and create more media buzz.Most experts predict that the undefeated Mayweather would destroy McGregor in a boxing match, but a fight between the two would likely shatter pay per view records.last_img read more