Kristin Chenoweth & Andrew Lippa Will Lead I Am Harvey Milk

first_imgTony winner Kristin Chenoweth and Broadway composer Andrew Lippa will star in the New York premiere of Lippa’s I Am Harvey Milk. Under the direction of Noah Himmelstein, the show will play Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall for one night only on October 6. The performance will feature the Orchestra of St. Luke’s and introduce the 120 member All Star Broadway Men’s Chorus.  Star Files Lippa received a Tony nomination for creating the score to the Broadway musical The Addams Family. His additional credits include Big Fish, The Wild Party, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, The Farnsworth Invention and john & jen. Kristin Chenoweth Chenoweth, who will return to Broadway in next year’s On the Twentieth Century revival, was last seen on the Great White Way in Promises, Promises. She won a Tony for her performance in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown and received a nod for originating the role of Glinda in Wicked. Her many TV credits include an Emmy-winning turn on Pushing Daisies, as well as Glee and The West Wing. View Comments Part choral work, part theater piece, I Am Harvey Milk weaves the story of Harvey Milk’s life—from boyhood to his rise as the first openly gay man to hold public office in California to his assassination. I Am Harvey Milk includes orchestrations by August Eriksmoen and choreography by Michele Lynch. Joel Fram will conduct. The piece premiered last summer in San Francisco, led by Lippa and Tony winner Laura Benanti.last_img read more

Basil Dazzle.

first_img Photo: Wayne McLaurin Basil’s Greek name basileus, meaning “king,” shows its royalposition among herbs. With an amazing array of flavors and scents, it’s a constant delightin the kitchen.This wonderful herb made its way to North America in the 17th century. It became afavorite of the colonists after being used in Greece, Italy, Spain, France and England formany years.Sweet basil, an annual, is one of the most useful herbs to grow in your kitchen garden.This hardy plant grows to 2 feet tall and needs sun, water and caring hands to snip leavesto use in favorite recipes. Pinch off the flowers, too, as they weaken the plant.Many Kinds of BasilSeveral kinds of basil are available, either as transplants from nurseries or as seed.One catalog lists 27 types, ranging from sweet basil to purple ruffles, a dual-purpose(edible and ornamental) basil.Plant seeds 1/8-inch deep in a good soil mixture. They will germinate usually in 7-10days. You can transplant them when the plants are 2 to 3 inches tall.Grow the plants in a sunny window or under grow lights. Basil is a tender annual. Plantit outside only after all chance of frost is over. Sweet basil is one of the most useful herbs you can grow in your kitchen garden. Photo: Wayne McLaurin Purple basil lives up to its royal name in the landscape or on your table.center_img Place all ingredients in a blender and blend into a coarse mixture. Meanwhile, cook anddrain a package of linguine or fettucine. Toss immediately with warmed pesto mix. Thenserve and enjoy the results of your own kitchen garden.(This pesto recipe can be frozen. Just leave out the Parmesan cheese and add it in whenyou put the pesto into the pasta.) 2 cups finely chopped basil leaves 1 tsp. finely chopped garlic 6 Tbsp. olive oil 1 cup toasted pine nuts 1-1/2 cups freshly grated Parmesan cheese Salt and pepper to taste Basil + Tomatoes = MmmmmBasil has a natural affinity for tomatoes, and no tomato dish should be served withoutit. Basil leaves are especially good to layer on sliced tomatoes with mozzarella cheese,making a colorful and delicious tricolor summer salad.It’s also good cut up in eggs, eggplant, cucumbers, pasta and green salads. This fineherb is a pleasure to use. Basil is aromatic, with an almost clove-like fragrance andtaste.Here’s a great recipe to help you enjoy fresh basil at its finest.Pesto Pasta (Serves Four) last_img read more

Nature’s helpers

first_imgUniversity of Georgia It’s been a tough year for Georgia gardeners. On “Gardening in Georgia” Oct. 4 and 6, find out how to give nature a hand.”Gardening in Georgia” airs on Georgia Public Broadcasting television stations across Georgia each Thursday at 7 p.m. and Saturday at 12:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.Native honeybee colonies are declining this year. It’s a mystery, with many theories of the cause. The immediate problem for gardeners is that many plants need bees for pollination. Host Walter Reeves will show viewers how to use a pencil or an electric toothbrush to help pollinate plants when bees aren’t around.If missing bees weren’t bad enough, the drought in Georgia seems unending. Every drop of water is precious. Reeves demonstrates a product that absorbs water when it’s available and releases it when times are dry. It’s not appropriate for every planting situation. But he shows how to use the water-absorbing granules when planting annual flowers.As sure as Southern nights turn cool just in time for football, autumn color leads Southern gardens into winter sleep. Whether they’re annual or perennial and whether you call them sage or salvia, the colorful flowers surely brighten a landscape.Annual salvias are mainstays of Georgia summer gardens. But many perennial salvias deliver spectacular fall flowers. Amanda Campbell at the Atlanta Botanical Garden takes Reeves on a tour of their salvia collection.Fall is also the time to get started on planting for bright summer blooms. If you like to plant tulip bulbs, Reeves will tell you how chickens can help you keep squirrels from ruining your bulb bed.”Gardening in Georgia” is coproduced by GPB and the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Each show is geared to Georgia soils, climate and growing conditions.The 2007 season is made possible through an underwriting gift from McCorkle Nurseries and support from the Metro Atlanta Landscape and Turf Association. For more on “Gardening in Georgia,” visit read more

Your credit union team needs to know what you know

first_img 53SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John Pembroke Since joining CUES in March 2013, John Pembroke has played a leadership role in developing and launching a new direction in CUES’ strategy, branding and culture. Under his guidance, CUES … Web: Details The key in real estate has always been location, location, location. The key in leadership today may well be communication, communication, communication.The business world is too complex to believe an individual can develop a plan and lead other people to deliver on the plan. There are too many moving parts, and industry dynamics are constantly changing. To be successful, you really have to take a team approach and leverage the expertise and experience of different people. During that exchange of information and ideas, you get to a common platform of understanding. You want to make sure everyone understands what, as an organization, you’re trying to accomplish as well as how you’re going to get there.As an example, we are changing the culture at CUES. As a team, we created our vision—what we aspire to do—and in doing that we asked ourselves, “What kind of culture do we need to have to accomplish this—what common beliefs, practices and behaviors?” We defined effective communication as one of our values.There isn’t a culture light switch you can turn on and off; this takes time. But we already have good traction, including buy-in across the organization. We’re evolving our culture to help us deliver on member needs and have the greatest possible industry impact.Communication among senior leaders is important because when they share information with each other, knowledge and ideas go down to each leader’s team members, and throughout the organization.Seem easy enough? It’s not, really. Good communication takes discipline. We’re all so busy that if you don’t put opportunities to share ideas on people’s calendars, it doesn’t happen. While always having your office door open and informally sharing things you learn is a part of the equation, I also make it a point to set up standing meetings with the senior leadership team, department heads and all staff, to keep information flowing, and solidify our platform of common understanding.It also takes discipline to create ongoing opportunities to review what’s strategically important to your organization. At CUES, we develop our strategic plan as a team, sign off on it as a team, and actively review it as a team. We make sure we take the time to assess the opportunities and challenges, talk through them, support the plans in place, and refine and adjust our plans to achieve the end goal.The opportunity to attend educational events, conferences and seminars as a team definitely is something that can help. The ability for everyone to hear the same message, learn the same lesson and network together with peers can solidify common understanding. That’s the thinking behind CEO/Executive Team Network (slated for Nov. 8-11 in Scottsdale, Ariz.), to which CEOs and their executive teams are invited to attend together, and CUES Symposium: A CEO/Chairman Exchange (slated for Jan. 31-Feb. 4 in Maui), designed specifically to strengthen the CEO-chair bond.The beauty of teamwork is you get diverse opinions and perspectives you can leverage. What are your plans to make sure your entire team knows what you know, so you can all pull together toward success?last_img read more

Music industry appeal: Urgently adopt measures to save 15.000 jobs

first_imgThe crisis that affected the performers themselves, who also employ a certain number of people without whom the realization of concerts would not be possible.   The key economic measures to save domestic companies in the music industry sector concern the urgent opening of a special credit line with HBOR, modeled on the economic solidarity measure for the tourism sector, and include the establishment of a special fund at the Ministry of Culture for all individuals in the industry. who have realized their work through employment contracts, and who at this time can not be paid even the minimum income. In addition, representatives of the creative music industry are asking the government to keep the existing package of financial aid for job preservation, as well as tax relief on tickets for music events at 5 percent and the establishment of a fund to support marketing activities in the music industry in domestic and foreign media markets. “For several months now, we have been facing the absence of precise and nationally harmonized recommendations regarding the holding of concerts and other public gatherings, the holding of which is now arbitrarily decided by local headquarters. Recommendations, therefore, exist, but at the city and county levels they are interpreted differently. We had the idea to organize 20 concerts at 20 city stadiums, but we received only 2 positive responses, one of which requires a maximum of a thousand visitors. Some have pointed out that this will jeopardize the existing tourist season in places on the coast. We have been prevented from working, which is why we have appealed to the Government to urgently adopt measures to save the industry, which annually accumulates consumption of more than 10 billion kuna, from which the state directly benefits. “, emphasized the president of the Association of Music Managers and Organizers Darko Tuček. “Today, we have a situation where the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, the Split Summer Festival and the Split Festival are taking place at the same time, while due to epidemiological measures, the Pula Film Festival and many other events are being canceled. As things currently stand, with the adopted measures, it is impossible to organize commercial concerts because in the beginning the organizer has the cost of VAT on tickets 13 percent, then the cost of the ticket system 13 percent and Zampa 10 percent, and then all other costs that accompany the organization of concerts”, Said Branko Paić, director of the Scardona record company.  Photo: INmusic festival It is important to note that most EU Member States have already adopted urgent grant packages to provide financial assistance to the music industry. So far, Germany has allocated 50 billion euros, Italy as much as 130 million euros, and the United Kingdom 1.57 billion pounds, while Croatian companies in this sector are still waiting for a reaction from the Government.center_img “From the beginning of the pandemic until today, about 30 concerts have been canceled, and among the 15.000 that this industry employs are members of my team. Our sector is one of the few that actually remained in lockdown all the time, and since all of us who are engaged in this business are connected with a number of other industries and activities and we all together form one big chain, the existence of a large number of people is really endangered today. “, said the famous local singer Indira Levak.  Due to vaguely defined criteria for holding public gatherings and concerts, the creative music industry is threatened with collapse, which forced domestic companies in the sector to submit a proposal to the Government of the Republic of Croatia to urgently adopt a set of economic measures to preserve thousands of jobs. Alek El-Kazal, project manager of the Ultra Europe festival in Croatia, commented on the impact of music festivals such as Ultra on the tourism sector and on the total gross domestic product and income. “In the past seven years, the ULTRA Europe festival has hosted more than a million visitors from over 143 countries. During Ultra, in just one evening, between 40 and 50 thousand visitors stay in Split, which generate total consumption of more than 525 million kuna, from which it is clear how much financial impact such events have on the Croatian economy.” Due to the situation associated with the coronavirus pandemic, more than 90 percent of all music events this year have been canceled. As a result, organizers of concerts, festivals and other music events, production companies, music managers, technicians, sound engineers, drivers, stage workers, fitters, electricians, security guards, agency workers and many others have generated almost no revenue in the past six months. . It is about more than 15.000 people and their families whose existence directly depends on the creative music industry. last_img read more

Vietnam culls 137,000 birds to contain avian influenza outbreaks

first_imgVietnam has so far this year culled 137,180 birds to contain the spreading of bird flu outbreaks, the government said on Thursday.The outbreaks, including 38 outbreaks of H5N6 and five outbreaks of H5N1, have been detected in 13 out of Vietnam’s 63 provinces this year, the government said in a statement.All of the bird flu outbreaks have happened at farms where the birds have not been vaccinated, it said, adding that, in several provinces, only 10%-20% of the birds were vaccinated.Vietnam has a poultry flock of 460 million, and small-sized bird flu outbreaks have not been uncommon in the country during the past five years. Topics :last_img

Police Blotter 06-02-20

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Bayern Munich’s doctor quits after 43 years

first_imgRelatedPosts Bayern Munich fans undergo Super Cup coronavirus tests Vidal lands in Milan to complete move from Barca to Inter Whirlwind Bayern Munich dismantle Schalke in season opener Team doctor Hans-Wilhelm Mueller-Wohlfahrt will leave Bayern Munich after more than four decades on June 30, the Bundesliga champions said on Friday.The 77-year-old worked at the club since 1977. Nicknamed “Mull”, Mueller-Wohlfahrt was also German national team doctor between 1995 and 2018.Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said in a statement that Mueller-Wohlfahrt had done “an excellent job” at the club, “setting a worldwide standard in sports medicine.”“The whole club and generations of players – from Franz Beckenbauer and Gerd Mueller via Klaus Augenthaler and Bastian Schweinsteiger to Thomas Mueller and Robert Lewandowski – owe Mull their greatest thanks,” Rummenigge said.Mueller-Wohlfahrt, while speaking on the development, said: “When I look back on my forty years at Bayern Munich, I’m happy and very satisfied.“The experiences we had here together, the successes we celebrated together and above all the people I met at this club have had a lasting impact on my life.” Bayern Munich said Mueller-Wohlfahrt would concentrate on his practice in the city where he has treated world-class athletes and celebrities, including Usain Bolt, Boris Becker, Bono and Eric Clapton.He will also be engaged in a research project at Munich’s university clinic.dpa/NAN.Tags: Bayern MunichHans-Wilhelm Mueller-WohlfahrtKarl-Heinz Rummeniggelast_img read more

Laudrup concerns over Michu injury

first_img However, at his pre-match conference in Russia, Laudrup suggested the Spain international may be out for longer at a time when he is desperately needed, with Swansea lacking a clinical edge in front of goal. “There are some players not at their best,” said Laudrup. “Michu, our top scorer last season, has been struggling for a few weeks and is not 100 per cent and unfortunately he is out again for maybe three to four weeks.” Such a diagnosis would mean Michu, who has started every Premier League and Europa League fixture so far this term, will not potentially return until the December 4 meeting with Newcastle. Laudrup was keen to make clear that is a worst-case scenario, but also revealed the player has been affected by a problem with both his knees in recent weeks and has gone to Spain for treatment on his various ailments. “When I say he has not been at his best, it is because he has been struggling with both his knees for many weeks, but he wanted to play anyway and he is one of our most important players,” said Laudrup. “So with this ankle injury hopefully he can get both his knees sorted as well. “He will be away in Spain for a few days for some injections.” Laudrup added: “Three to four weeks was the first medical opinion. But we said Ben Davies would be out for three to four weeks and he is back training with us now (after two weeks). “It is always better to do it that way, to say a little more rather than reduce it and say it is three weeks and it ends up being five.” Swansea manager Michael Laudrup admits Michu’s lay-off with an ankle injury could be longer than first expected. Press Associationcenter_img The 27-year-old Spaniard has scored 28 goals for the Swans since his bargain move from Rayo Vallecano, but was hurt in Sunday’s derby defeat against Cardiff. Laudrup had said at the time that Michu would definitely miss Thursday’s Europa League clash with Kuban Krasnodar and Sunday’s Premier League meeting with Stoke, but was hopeful he would be available again after the international break. last_img read more

Graeme McDowell enjoys birdie spree to lead OHL Classic in Mexico

first_img McDowell, who started on the back nine, hit three straight birdies before making the turn. He dropped at shot on the first before following up with four more birdies in a ow. McDowell has not enjoyed the best of years, with only one top-10 finish in 25 starts as he dropped to 85th in the world rankings, but said a change of mental approach has helped him this week. “(I) came into these two weeks with a pretty relaxed attitude,” McDowell said on the PGA Tour website. “The last couple days, so far, the attitude’s been good. I’ve just been out there trying to play golf and enjoy myself.” Graeme McDowell made seven birdies in the space of eight holes as he vaulted up the leaderboard to take a one-shot lead after the second round of the OHL Classic at Mayakoba. McDowell leads by one shot on -12 from Derek Fathauer, one of four overnight leaders, who overcame two bogeys for a second-round 66. Justin Leonard and Shawn Stefani dropped down to a share of fifth with rounds of 68, while Aaron Baddeley had a nightmare day, with three bogeys and a double-bogey on the par-four sixth sending him all the way down to a share of 37th as he signed for a 73. Korean Si Woo Kim is tied for third, two shots back, alongside Harold Varner III, whose 62 was the best round of the day and came despite a bogey on the second hole. center_img Press Associationlast_img read more