Activision is closing down Bizarre Creations after all

first_imgBack in November, Activision surprised and horrified gamers all across the country when it was rumored that they were in the process of closing down Bizarre Creations, the incredibly talented in-house studio behind the Project Gotham Racing series, Geometry Wars and Blur. Activision quickly clarified matters in the face of consumer outrage, saying that were not closing the studio, but that they were instead trying to sell their recent 2007-era acquisition to another publisher. Gamers heaved a sigh of relief: Bizarre Creations was an incredible dev, and didn’t deserve to die.Well, guess what? A few months later, Activision’s now killing off Bizarre after not being able to find a buyer. They swear they’re not leaving the team out high-and-dry, though:“We of course care about this team. We’re offering the studio as many resources as possible, including counselling, external placement services and external career fairs.” Boy, if you only cared about the team enough to keep them open and give them another chance. If only you put the resources in. What weirdo moon man accounting can possibly explain how a company that made $650MM in a single week on Call of Duty: Black Ops can’t afford to keep open one of their best and most innovative studios?What bull. Gamers have lost an amazing developer today.Read more at Developlast_img read more