Pedrosa, the LaLiga sprinter

first_imgValverdeReal Madrid35.06 Ferran T.Valencia34.91 RunnerEquipmentSpeed There is a lineage of players for whom the final sprint is not only that section of the championship that is still in the air due to the coronavirus. They are soccer players so athletic they would be capable of contesting a few meters to Usain Bolt himself, on whose world record he used a average speed of 37.58 kilometers per hour. And, among those hares, the king is Adrià Pedrosa.The side of Espanyol, with una point of 35.11 km / hour, is the sprinter of LaLiga, the fastest footballer in the 27 days that have been played, just ahead of Real Madrid’s Fede Valverde and Hernani Jorge Santos of Levante, the only ones capable of reaching 35 km / hour according to data from the competition itself. Pedrosa also establishes with this record the speed record in the history of Espanyol, at least since technology allows saving this type of figures. PedrosaSpanish35.11 M. LlorenteAthletic34.9 Óscar R.Leganes34.95 Not a month ago, On February 27, Pedrosa was measured in Cornellà with one of the few players who exceed his speed: the attacker from Wolverhampton Adama Traoré. The one of L’Hospitalet is the Premier League sprinter with 36.2 km / hour, which shows that there is always room for improvement.The fastest in LaLiga It is not by chance, and not by his last name (it has nothing to do with the biker), since the same day of his debut, on November 1, 2018 in the Copa del Rey against Cádiz, the left-handed already established the best parrot brand ever with 35.03 km / hour. And his rise to fame occurred in the Espanyol-Atlético de Madrid last year, on May 4, when ran 87.8 meters with the ball glued to the foot until it ended causing an own goal by Diego Godín. Pau TorresVillarreal34.93 HernaniI raised35last_img read more

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