Scammer gets hacked his wrongs righted

first_imgHacking a scammer is a bit like someone beating up a bully–it’s pretty hard to sympathize with the victim in this case. What happened was that our unsuspecting hero was sent a PayPal scam via email. The fake “PayPal verification” was easily identified (PayPal would never email asking for personal information) so he started to do a little investigation.With a simple ping of the domain the helpful hacker–Reddit user Tomble–was able to figure out the scammer’s FTP address. With this he figured out that the FTP password was set as “password” and he could start to fight the phisher’s wrongdoings. The incredible thing is that Tomble didn’t stop at updating the scammer’s site to a kitten-filled warning page, he also tracked down the saved contact details of victims. He proceeded to reach out to each of them, explained that they had been hacked, and had them cancel their credit cards and/or contact their banks so that no harm would come to them.AdChoices广告Some of the people who were contacted were understandably suspicious but they came around and figured out that Tomble was on their side. Because he had their phone numbers he was able to call each person and explain what had happened, as opposed to them receiving an email that would have seemed even more questionable to them than the original phishing attempt. He even contacted the ISP and asked to have the FTP shutdown.Tomble noted that the victims were between the ages of 39 and the late 60s, which comes as little surprise given the type of scam.And, as one Redditor pointed out, Tomble’s hacking wasn’t a punishable action. It was a case of necessity, which says that under certain circumstances you won’t be held accountable when doing something illegal if the action is justified. So you can be excused of liability if you hack a hacker or, say, blow up a building when saving the world from alien attack.Full image and explanation:imgur via redditlast_img read more

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