Video: Sinclair tees up a teenage Gallen to score for QPR against Arsenal

first_imgKevin Gallen, then a teenager, scores for QPR as they beat Arsenal 3-1 at Loftus Road in April 1995. The Gunners visit Rangers this evening in a vital match for the home side as they battle against relegation. Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img

Convergent Evolution: Darwinism, Leftism, and Sorcery

first_imgYou can tell a lot about a movement by the company it keeps.Op-Ed by David CoppedgeWe’ve reported several times about the virulent leftism of the major scientific journals, reporters and academics (e.g., 24 March 2018, 29 July 2018, 5 Dec 2018). There is hardly a policy President Trump puts forth that scientific leaders do not immediately attack. But it’s not just hatred for one man that drives them: it is hatred for all conservative leaders and positions around the world, whether in Australia, Brazil, or anywhere. The leftist bias of academia goes way back, long before the current Administration (e.g., 10 Dec. 2013). This anti-Trumpism in academia could be dismissed as just a manifestation of the general leftist bias in universities these days, but get this: all these people are also Darwinians. What means this convergence?Oddly, nearly all of the same people are also pro-abortion. They are so pro-abortion, in fact, they will not tolerate any restrictions, no matter how reasonable. Some even approve of infanticide: letting the baby die after it has been born. New Scientist glowed with pride when Ireland legalized abortion, speaking of women’s rights and convenience. What does that have to do with “new science”? Or consider the exposé of abortion practices. Which scientific establishment or Darwinian scientist has condemned the sale of baby body parts? Can you find one? On the contrary, the Darwinian leftists get up in arms at the hint of any restrictions on using “fetal tissue” for research, and some are actively using embryonic stem cells to grow “organoids” like miniature human brains. All this to benefit “science” of course, quick as they are at virtue signaling. Worries about a slippery slope toward human cloning come too little, too late as communist China forges ahead.Not all Darwinians are leftists, but the vast majority of leftists are Darwinians. Our Twitter account @crevinfo is routinely hit with hate speech by atheists who trust Darwinian evolution like a god. Looking at their Twitter pages, they are usually violently anti-Trump, anti-conservative, anti-Christian, and pro-abortion. Exceptions are so rare they stand out. We have a three strikes rule for ad hominems. Those who attempt to carry on a civil conversation usually only last a few tweets before their hate is exposed, and they flame out in profanities.So far, this points out a convergence of Darwinism, leftism, and abortion – the culture of death. We have also watched the Darwinian leftists quickly embrace every new politically correct trend, like LGBTQ+ and gender fluidity, which contradict the biological facts of sex and chromosomes. Now, there’s another group under the big tent: sorcerers. This weekend, “Thousands of witches to cast massive spell on Trump and his supporters,” reported WND. Happy Halloween, MAGA people. The article says this has been a ritual since Trump’s inauguration. Perhaps he should feel proud of the enemies he keeps.Darwinism is a package deal. There’s something about hatred of God that drives people mad. Satan is determined to kill and destroy humans through all means he can, including self-destructive behaviors like drug use, purposelessness and crime. It’s no wonder, then, that his followers also love death. Some of them want to wipe out half of humanity because of climate change or the disaster du jour. Leftists have few qualms about killing the most vulnerable: children in the womb, the mentally ill, and elderly and other vulnerable people who are a drain on society, “useless eaters” as H.G. Wells and other Social Darwinists would call them. Satan got shiploads of skeletons with the tyrannical, Darwin-loving, anti-Christian regimes of Nazism and communism. If Satan can’t kill, he perverts. The sexual revolution has shortened the lives of countless human beings who repudiated God’s instruction manual to fulfill their passions. These were justified in the name of “science” and encouraged by perverts like Kinsey and Sanger. Leftists also work to shut down speech and prevent evidence against Darwinism from being heard, as I found out at JPL at high personal cost. JPL was oh, so touchy about protecting the sensibilities of homosexuals and transgenders. A creationist, though was beyond the pale. He had to be expelled before any more of those detestable DVDs about intelligent design could be seen.As we evaluate the case for Darwinism vs Design, or Evolution vs Creation, we need to keep a wider perspective than just scientific arguments, important as they are. We need to see The Long War Against God.* Darwin’s biological model is mistakenly called a “tree of life.” Satan must love how that term mocks the tree God planted in the garden and will restore in the eternal state. Darwin’s tree is a Tree of Death, planted by Satan, the father of lies, watered and fertilized by his minions.*The book by Henry Morris, Jr with that title is a must-read classic.Recommended Resource: Dennis Prager and Adam Corolla just released their film No Safe Spaces. We haven’t seen it yet, but from the trailers and reviews, and from interviews with Prager, it appears to corroborate what this editorial is saying about leftism.(Visited 623 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享30last_img read more

Allsorts® Chiffon Aliceband Headband Fascinator Ladies Day Royal Ascot Weddings – Headband was well made, found the colour I wanted

first_imgThese types of value for cash and pretty color, won’t be able to wait to don it subsequent weekend to the wedding ceremony.Terrific price for cash and looked extremely a lot like the impression both of those in design and style and colour. Only thing i will not like is that the headband is red – i used some black shoe polish and designed it significantly darker to match in with my hair.Very very good value and is just as described.Here are the specifications for the Allsorts® Chiffon Aliceband Headband Fascinator Ladies Day Royal Ascot Weddings:Chiffon Mesh Feather FascinatorComes on a thin alicebandIdeal for all occasions including weddings, the races, ladies day and lots moreWe have a large range of fascinators available in storeFast free deliveryVery very good value and is just as described.Price for cash & seems to be excellent , pretty pleased.Reviews from purchasers :I love it and it finished off my outfit beautifullyHeadband was well made, found the colour I wanted Thumbs up from me! ??Just what i needed xx wonderful.I appreciate it and it finished off my outfit fantastically. Thank you incredibly substantially for the prompt shipping and delivery of my fascinator, i like it and it completed off my outfit beautifully.Lovely fascinator but arrived a little bit squashed as it was in a pretty little flat box.Incredibly fantastic top quality for the cost. Very superior high quality for the selling price.Lovely fascinator but arrived a little bit squashed as it was in a pretty little flat box.Terrific price for cash and looked extremely a lot like the impression both of those in design and style and colour. Only thing i will not like is that the headband is red – i used some black shoe polish and designed it significantly darker to match in with my hair.Price for cash & seems to be excellent , pretty pleased.Just what i needed xx wonderful.I appreciate it and it finished off my outfit fantastically. Thank you incredibly substantially for the prompt shipping and delivery of my fascinator, i like it and it completed off my outfit beautifully.Headband was effectively designed, identified the color i wished. Headband was perfectly manufactured, observed the color i desired, which i could not obtain in any nearby retailer.Headband was effectively designed, identified the color i wished. Headband was perfectly manufactured, observed the color i desired, which i could not obtain in any nearby retailer.These types of value for cash and pretty color, won’t be able to wait to don it subsequent weekend to the wedding ceremony.Incredibly fantastic top quality for the cost. Very superior high quality for the selling price.last_img read more

The Top CRM Companies for Business Owners

first_imgFreshsales Spiro ONTRAPORT offers the “most powerful visual marketing automation and reporting platform in the world,” enabling small businesses to map their customer journey and utilize data to create visuals of trends and patterns. Its Projection Mode uses predictive intelligence to anticipate what prospects and customers will do next and make decisions based on data. The platform’s automated workflow tools aim to help brands measure their work rather than create more of it. While it doesn’t offer the same degree of customization as many competitors, Zoho is a great value with an intuitive, user-friendly interface, making it possible to implement without bringing in a developer. In addition, Zoho has a full suite of other business apps that will work seamlessly with its CRM. Its ominchannel focus features a conversational AI, Zia, as well as SalesSignals, which streamlines notifications and ensures businesses hit every customer touchpoint. Brad is the editor overseeing contributed content at He previously worked as an editor at PayPal and Crunchbase. You can reach him at brad at Nextiva Pipedrive is created with small business owners in mind, and the speedy setup and intuitive design mean that no training is required. The “light-touch sales platform” ensures businesses can get started using the product minutes after setup, and it uses a visual display to show how deals in the pipeline are progressing and help salespeople pinpoint their to-do tasks and deadlines. Pipedrive’s automated tracking eliminates time spent on admin processes, and it builds action steps around what will move things forward in the sales funnel. Its strongest feature is its ability to be customized, allowing small businesses to fit the platform to their processes. The new Service CRM by Nextiva allows your business to see complete customer history and manage all of your customer interactions in one place. You can automate workflows using the powerful rules engine and build forms to collect valuable data.The keyword analysis tool allows you to improve your CRM’s artificial intelligence and keep customers happy.Omni-channel support across email, voice, and chat makes running a business easier than ever – and allows you to reach your customers where they need it most. Zoho CRM Hatchbuck ONTRAPORT HubSpot Tags:#CRM#crm software#crm tools#customer-relationship management Follow the Puck HubSpot’s free version offers what is essentially an intro to CRM solutions, complete with an abundance of training guides and resources. HubSpot Academy gives users access to valuable classes and certification programs to educate them on all aspects of running a business. HubSpot takes the top spot, however, because of its wide-ranging capabilities — the CRM core has specific hubs for sales, marketing, and customer experience to bring the different sides and needs of a business together, eliminating silos. Salesforce’s cloud-based CRM solution offers an option that can cater to both enterprises and small businesses. Salesforce offers plenty of features and functionalities, including advanced analytics powered by its Einstein AI, project management tools, and customizable dashboards. Its Customer Success Platform offers powerful apps that can help businesses develop a consistent e-commerce customer experience and collaborate on campaigns. The market has become flooded with customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, making it incredibly difficult to narrow the field enough to find the right CRM software for your needs. If you have a good idea of what you’re looking for, however, the sheer number of options can be beneficial, allowing you to zero in and find the perfect fit.Every business — theoretically, at least — has customers, but that doesn’t mean that every business needs a CRM. There are, however, a few different business models that will be able to realize significant benefits from an investment in CRM software. Those with sales teams will have an advantage when it comes to finding patterns in consumer behavior, and a CRM will help them identify the most effective steps of the sales funnel — as well as those that need more work.A CRM solution will also help identify the most promising leads so your team doesn’t accidentally let them slip through the cracks. Any business that needs to market itself will benefit from these insights and the improved ROI brought about through a CRM, as will businesses looking to automate certain tasks that are taking valuable time away from other functions in the organization.If your business needs to track leads, rank them, improve the sales funnel, and become more efficient, a CRM is a good place to start. There are hundreds of options out there. I’ve(or my team) has tried over 100 different CRM software tools. We decided to tell you which ones are the best according to us. To make things easier, this is post and list is more geared towards small to medium sized business owners.  Top CRM Companies for Business Owners Salesforce Brad AndersonEditor In Chief at ReadWritecenter_img Insightly is a great option for midsize businesses, and it offers a free edition so users can try the product out; Insightly also offers paying users upgraded features to keep it relevant as businesses grow and become more complex. The platform provides relationship maps to help businesses adopt the best approach and tracks contacts’ contacts, creating organizational hierarchies to streamline communication. Insightly also automates workflows and creates milestones to keep teams on track. Benchpoint is a sales CRM and pipeline management system designed specifically for startups and small businesses that have teams or CRM users of up to 10.With a forever free plan and low monthly per user fee, Benchpoint is among the most cost effective CRM softwares in the market that offer all the premium features that are utilised by a small business.This clutter-free tool provides a comprehensive view of sales pipeline and works particularly well for product companies that can make data-backed purchasing and sales decisions. Benchpoint Insightly Freshsales is a powerful CRM that tells you everything you need to know about your lead, from one screen. It comes with AI based lead scoring, built-in phone, email integration, automation, reporting, and more. You can get a hang of the tool by signing up for a 21-day free trial or requesting for a demo. Updated September 2019 What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … An affordable SaaS solution, Agile allows a team of up to 10 users to manage a collective group of 50,000 contacts for free. Compared to other CRMs that can cost thousands of dollars per month, Agile CRM’s enterprise version is quite a value at less than $50 per user per month. Its all-in-one CRM package aligns messaging across an entire company and seals data leaks so organizations can make the most of their information. The CRM automatically creates tasks for salespeople and automates marketing features, helping teams save time. SugarCRM Pipedrive With a separate open-source edition that’s ideal for developers, SugarCRM differentiates itself with lots of custom options and exceptional customer service. It’s also supported on many different operating systems besides Windows and Mac OS, including Linux and Unix. The CRM boasts the highest Net Promoter Score across major CRM providers; its Hint feature speeds up research prior to calls, and the platform collects information across the sales, marketing, and service functions to create consistency.The exploding market for CRM solutions makes finding the right one difficult, but their popularity also shows how effective they can be. For businesses of all sizes, the right CRM software can transform an inefficient, disorganized process into a well-oiled, automated machine. Start your CRM search with this list, and don’t hesitate to try a few out. Taking the time to find the perfect fit will pay off in the long run. Spiro’s secret sauce lies in its AI capabilities, which can speed up information processing and yield more effective relationships with clients. The solution also comes with a bot that can compile data from various sources, such as calendars and emails, to provide sales personnel with a to-do list that’s always up-to-date. It also handles the data entry aspects of sales, freeing salespeople up to spend time nurturing relationships without losing the valuable data embedded in each call — in fact, Spiro’s reports have eight times the data richness of other reports. Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Agile CRM An ideal option for small business users, Hatchbuck helps manage contacts and automates follow-ups, tracking individuals as they move through the sales funnel and alerting you when prospects are ready to make a purchase. Having sales and marketing working together prevents leads from going unnoticed, and this solution will get the job done without having to pay for more than what your small business truly needs. Best of all, its integration with Zapier means small businesses don’t have to give up the tools they’re already using, and the platform provides smart insights into the sales and marketing data it collects. How OKR’s Completely Transformed Our Culture Related Posts last_img read more

Panetolikos Beats Stumbling Panathinaikos 2-0 in Greece

first_imgAGRINIO, Greece (AP) — Panathinaikos failed to win for the fourth time in five rounds when it lost to host Panetolikos 2-0 in the Greek league on Saturday.Panetolikos’ first win of the season moved it up to ninth.Panathinaikos, which began the season with two points deducted due to fan trouble, was 13th.On Thursday, Panathinaikos owner and businessman Yiannis Alafouzos announced he was leaving, calling for fans to invest in the club.Also, Platanias scored its own first win, beating host Apollon 1-0, and Atromitos defeated Lamia 3-0.TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img

Prime Minister Welcomes Investments Downtown

first_imgPrime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller is welcoming investments in the downtown Kingston area.The Prime Minister, who was touring the new Digicel Headquarters located on the waterfront earlier Friday, March 1, described the area as a prime location for investment.“The more investments we get downtown Kingston and in Jamaica, the better it will be for all of us,” Mrs. Simpson Miller told JIS News.She received support from Digicel’s Chief Executive Officer, Andy Thorburn, who positively endorsed the area.“I think the area is going to thrive…The community has been great. They (the people) have been very welcoming (to Digicel). We are just delighted with our experience so far, so if you are thinking of investing, please come and join us. It is a great location,” Mr. Thorburn said.The Digicel CEO escorted Mrs. Simpson Miller on her tour of the facility where she expressed delight at the level of investment and innovation that she saw.The Prime Minister first visited the high-tech store on the ground floor, where she touched the gadgets and delighted one of the patrons by giving him a hug for his birthday, to the joy of his mother. She then advanced to the customer service area where she greeted the staff.Mrs. Simpson Miller said one of the highlights of the tour was when she was afforded the opportunity to speak via video conferencing, with her Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Hon. Phillip Paulwell, who is currently in Trinidad. She also spoke with other Digicel representatives who are in the United States.Mr. Thorburn in the meantime, explained that the company invited the Prime Minister to its headquarters to show her what is happening downtown and have her experience the new building and meet the Digicel staff.He said the company moved into its headquarters approximately three weeks ago, and pointed out that 75 per cent of the labour employed in constructing the facility and approximately 25 to 30 per cent of the material used were sourced locally.The CEO described the building as one of the most energy efficient in the Caribbean.“We have solar panels and wind power to give us about 10 to 15 per cent of the energy we use,” he noted.last_img read more