Ward-Prowse shrugs off Koeman loss

first_imgSouthampton may have to start their Premier League campaign without Ronald Koeman, but James Ward-Prowse is confident the manager’s absence would not derail them at Newcastle. “We knew we had to perform well and the job was half done,” Ward-Prowse said. “But we were very professional and managed the game well and, obviously, the early goal helped us settle into the game. It’s just a case of doing things the right way for Sunday.” It certainly looks a tough start to an important Premier League season for Ward-Prowse. The 20-year-old has already made 74 top-flight appearances, but has yet to establish himself as a regular starter. That task will be even harder in what Ward-Prowse believes is a better squad than last term, although he is confident of progressing and earning a maiden senior international call-up. “I want to start every game I can,” he said. “I’ve had a few years of starting games and not starting games so I want to nail down a permanent place in the team. “Obviously international-wise, I want to be heading for the full England squad. So hopefully if I keep performing well for the club, then hopefully the first team with England will come calling.” On the eve of the second leg the former Dutch defender ruptured his Achilles, meaning he took to his place on the bench with crutches and his foot in a protective boot. Koeman told Press Association Sport after the match he was seeing a specialist in his homeland on Friday morning and admitted he was unsure whether that could sideline him for Sunday’s season opener. Missing the trip to St James’ Park would certainly be a blow for Saints, but midfielder Ward-Prowse is confident they have the wherewithal to manage such a scenario. “He joined in training as he does and it was a freak thing where he stepped back and it went,” he said. “These things happen, it’s just one of those things. “I am not sure yet (about Sunday) – he hasn’t really said yet. “(It would not impact us) at all. You can see he focus of the lads. I think some teams it may affect, but we were solid and focused on the job in hand.” Ward-Prowse believes this weekend’s clash with Newcastle will prove “very difficult” as Steve McClaren’s arrival will have “rejuvenated” them. However, Southampton will arrive in the north east bubbling with confidence after securing a 5-0 aggregate win from what had looked to be a tricky clash against Vitesse. The Europa League has proved costly to English clubs over the years, but returning home sweating on the manager’s fitness is not a scenario anyone could have foreseen. Saints secured progress to the play-offs with a 2-0 win at Vitesse Arnhem on Thursday evening, giving Koeman something to smile about at the end of a painful return to the club with whom he began his managerial career. Press Associationlast_img read more

Northern ‘Southerners’ From Two River Area Celebrate Holiday in Sun City,…

first_imgBy Eleanor O’Sullivan“When Billy and I look out, we can see deer,’’ said Leslie Hintelmann, gesturing toward the wooded preserve in the backyard of her Bluffton, S.C. home. Her husband, William Hintelmann III, known to just about everybody as “Billy,’’ added that “One of the reasons we bought here is because of the preserve and the privacy it gives us.’’But the Hintelmanns, who moved to Bluffton from Monmouth County in 2012, won’t be seeing any one-horse sleighs dashing through the snow this winter.The Hintelmanns are among nearly 200 transplants from Monmouth County who live in Sun City, a 55 yrs. and older retirement development in Bluffton that is about 20 miles west of Hilton Head Island and 20 miles north of Savannah. It is about 790 miles from Red Bank.Many of these retirees moved to escape high property taxes and icy winters, but sadly left behind the place they happily called home for most of their lives, and beloved children and grandchildren.With their families back in New Jersey or elsewhere, what do these transplants do for the big three family-centric holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s?“This year, we’re staying put,’’ said Mrs. Hintelmann, who hails from Fair Haven and is a Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School graduate. She happily recalls growing up in the lovely coastal area and her nursing career. Her husband, who resided in Little Silver, retired from William Hintelmann Firms on Ridge Road in Rumson, a short walk from Hintelmann’s Corner, named after his large and prominent Rumson family.They did spend Thanksgiving with one of her sons in Neptune, but spent Christmas in South Carolina. On New Year’s Eve, the Hintelmanns took a boat ride to watch fireworks on the Savannah River.For Roger and Louise Merritt, who moved to Sun City from a home on Scenic Drive in Atlantic Highlands eight years ago, the holidays require careful planning.“The family is scattered all over the country: Chicago, New Jersey and Florida; so celebrating the holidays may not happen exactly on the holiday. We met up with my wife’s youngest son and his family in Lido Beach (Fla.) last week. My daughter and her family are in New Jersey but we don’t go there in the wintertime;  we ran away from New Jersey because the winters were just too much,’’ said  Merritt, who retired from Merck & Co., Linden.“But every once in a while, I think, “Gee wouldn’t it be nice to be inside and look out the window watching the snow coming down. It was a pretty sight,’’ Merritt said.When the Merritts moved from Atlantic Highlands to South Carolina, he traded what he called  “a very lovely, unique town’’ for a place of golf courses, year’ round warm weather and nearly 300 nearby restaurants. So, for the 2014 holidays, Merritt and his wife relaxed at home in summer attire.With 14,000 residents living on 5,000 acres, Sun City is the largest retiree development in what is known as the Lowcountry of South Carolina. It’s located in coastal Beaufort County, a historic area that played an important part in the Civil War, and today is a tourist destination with ocean beaches, rivers, restaurants and shopping, not unlike the Two River area.Sue and Sylvia Marguccio celebrate together in Sun City.–Eleanor O’SullivanSylvia Marguccio, who has lived in a veritable map of Monmouth County – including Brielle, Navesink and Rumson – moved to Sun City 11 years ago with her husband, Robert Marguccio, Rutgers University Class of 1956 and its director of alumni relations for some years. They were drawn for the weather and the golf. Now a widow, she lives with her daughter, Sue Marguccio, a para-legal who moved from Red Bank.“I spent Thanksgiving with a cousin in Florida, and my son from Rumson came down here for Christmas,’’ Mrs. Marguccio said.A first cousin of Jack Anderson, of Jack’s Music, Red Bank, Mrs. Marguccio has an extended family of in-laws from Piscataway, now living in Beaufort, whom she also visits during the holidays. Prominent in her home is a quilt that Mrs. Marguccio made with stitching saying, “Over the river and through the wood,’’ from Lydia Maria Child’s 19th century Thanksgiving poem.“Every time I look at that quote I think of driving over the Oceanic Bridge from Rumson to Locust,’’ Mrs. Marguccio said.In the future, Mrs. Hintelmann said, she and her husband will make the northern-bound trip at Christmas to visit children in New Jersey – the pull of hometowns and family still strong.Transplant Sherry Conohan, a Hilton Head Island resident who moved in 2011 to South Carolina from Monmouth Beach, celebrated the holidays with family who live in the South.“I went to James Island in Charleston to spend the holidays with my stepson, Randy Houser, who grew up in Middletown, and his family – his wife, Jean, her mother, Alice Allmaras, and my grandson, Bill Houser, who lives in North Charleston, and his significant other, Rhiannon.’’Conohan is a veteran newspaper writer and editor who worked for the Daily and Sunday Register; the Asbury Park Press, the Atlanticville, The Hub and most recently, the Two River Times.On Christmas Eve, Conohan’s extended family attended the 5 o’clock Mass – known as the Children’s Mass – and had a light supper following. But on Christmas Day, it was presents opening and a big turkey dinner.Shopping excursions from James Island to downtown Charleston and trips to a nearby historic plantation were made during the week, and on New Year’s Eve, there was a quiet dinner.But on New Year’s Day, the family celebrated both the new year and a Southern tradition: They attended a big luncheon held at Houser’s James Island yacht club where the bill of fare included hoppin john’s (a locally grown bean), hominy grits and collard greens.“The New Year’s day menu has its roots in what Southerners were forced to eat after the Civil War, when all that could be grown on the devastated land were beans, corn and greens. Tubsful of bloody Mary’s are also served,’’ Conohan said with a laugh. Eleanor O’Sullivan is a freelance writer who moved from Locust to Sun City in 2011. She was movie critic and a feature writer for the Asbury Park Press for 30 years and continues to write for New Jersey publications. She can be reached at Special [email protected]last_img read more

Mallard’s Team of Week — Kootenay Thunder

first_imgThe Kootenay Thunder received a taste of the sport of soccer in the fast lane during the Seattle Field-turf Showcase Tournament this past weekend in the Emerald City.The squad, consisting of 14-16 year-old players from throughout the Kootenays, played in the tournament’s strongest division and finished with a 0-3-1 record.Despite the result the Thunder were not overly matched by any of the teams, that included playing against two state champions.Staff and management at Mallard’s Source For Sports would like to salute the Kootenay Thunder with with Team of the Week honours.The contingent includes, Andrea Stinson, Brittany Wheeler, Taylor Stewart, Paige Mansveld, Ameeta Bhabra, Brenna McKay, Kathryn Heagendorm, Tasha Hewat, Elise Hewat, Morag Patterson and JallaDerochie. Front, Erica Augsten, Jessica Britton, Taylor McKinnon, Danika Bartlett and Samantha Einarson. Missing coaches Dave Spendlove and Iain Harvey.last_img read more

Exoplanet Hunters Fail Predictions

first_imgBefore the first extrasolar planets were discovered, astronomers had high confidence that other solar systems would resemble ours.  We have rocky planets close to the sun, and gas giants farther out.  Planetary scientists were pretty sure the pattern would hold up around other stars.  Now that we have hundreds of examples to compare, the reality has been far different from expectations.  The number of surprises in real exoplanet systems underscores the potential flaws in building models based on a sample size of one.    In Caltech’s latest Engineering and Science magazine,1 John Johnson was interviewed about the state of extrasolar planet hunting.  Johnson has been involved with leading planet-hunting pioneers.  A recurring theme in the interview is the surprise that planetary systems were found to be radically different from predictions.What are some of the current big questions that you guys are trying to tackle?We’re interested in how the solar system formed.  We’re interested in our immediate environment and describing its origins.  And beyond that, we’re interested in general in how planetary systems formed.  There are some very specific questions that arise at every turn.  There are so many surprises in this field—almost nothing is turning out as we expected.  There are Jupiter-mass planets in three-day orbits.  There are planets with masses that are between those of the terrestrial planets in our solar system and the gas giants in the outer part of our solar system.  There are Jupiter-mass planets with hugely inflated radii—at densities far lower than what we thought were possible for a gas-giant planet.  There are giant planets with gigantic solid cores that defy models of planet formation, which say there shouldn’t be enough solids available in a protoplanetary disk to form a planet that dense.  There are planets with tilted orbits.  There are planets that orbit the poles of their stars, in so-called circumpolar orbits.  There are planets that orbit retrograde—that is, they orbit in the opposite direction of their star’s rotation.  There are systems of planets that are in configurations that are hard to describe given our understanding of planet formation.  For instance, some planets are much too close to one another.But a lot of those surprises have to do with the fact that we have only one example of a planetary system—our solar system—to base everything on, right?What’s interesting is that we’ve found very little that resembles our example.Johnson went on to say that the leading theory of planetary migration to explain how the so-called hot Jupiters get so close to their star has “gone into the dustbin” now that so many inclined and retrograde examples have been found.  “We’re scrambling to find a new way of describing how these gas giants can move in that also causes their orbits to be tilted,” he added.    Although Johnson reaffirmed the old Laplace nebular hypothesis with a “2.0” upgrade, the number of “wacky” things his team has discovered belies any attestation of confidence.  “We’re going out into the solar neighborhood, where there are things that we thought were just familiar, things that we thought we understood,” he said.  “But just the wackiest stuff comes up—and it’s sure keeping me busy.”  He compared it to going on safari and discovering a blue lion.  “That might be the level of wackiness I would attach to it.”1.  Marcus Y. Woo, “Discovering New Worlds,” Engineering & Science, Volume LXXIII, Number 3, 2010, pp. 18-23.He didn’t really find a blue lion.  He found a natural lion, but the funny glasses he was wearing made it look blue.    Johnson went on to describe how Stephen Hawking’s book A Brief History of Time had made a profound influence on him.  He also affirmed at the end that he thought humans would figure out that their place in the universe is insignificant, following the theme of the positivists and Carl Sagan: “We are coming out of the darkness from a couple hundred years ago and we’re rubbing our eyes today, realizing that we are on a really small planet around a really average star in an unspectacular part of the galaxy, and we’re learning our place in this whole universe,” he said.  “Once we find more planets like our own, it’ll further define our place and give us a better universal context for what it means to be human.”    This kind of bluffing means Johnson has been a good apprentice.  His mentor Hawking was similarly prone to wild speculation without evidence, pontificating as he did in his book about how close humans were to finding a “theory of everything” when in fact he could point to little more hard evidence than mathematical speculations whirring about in his nimble imagination.  If anyone in economics or sportscasting had this bad a track record of predictions, though, they would be out of a job.  Cosmology is one of the many evolutionary sciences where you can brag about how wrong you have been, and people will still think you are wonderful because you are busy stamp collecting.(Visited 9 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Amanda hangs up her racquet

first_img5 July 2004Way back in January 1988, at the age of 16, Amanda Coetzer turned professional. Now, after 16 years on the pro tennis circuit, she has called it quits, bringing the curtain down on a career as courageous as it was successful.In an age when tennis equipment technology made huge advances, helping the power games of the athletes of the “new generation”, Coetzer proved that guts, physical and mental commitment, and a marvelous scrambling, thinking game could overcome the cut-and-thrust of the modern tennis superstars.After all, Coetzer stands only 1.54 metres tall (five foot two inches) and weights about 54 kilograms. Compare that to players like Amelie Mauresmo (1.75m, 69kg) or Lindsay Davenport (1.89m, 79kg).These are just two of the players that Coetzer competed against, more than holding her own, rising as high as third in the world rankings in November 1997.An amazing journeyShe says it was an amazing journey, being able to play the sport she loves, travel the world, and meet so many wonderful people. Through those years, Coetzer built up a considerable following, and not only in South Africa.Who wouldn’t want to cheer her on – the little gladiator battling bigger warriors on the other side of the net?For Coetzer to succeed she needed tremendous heart, and that heart was always in evidence on the court, a quality that simply demanded that fans cheer for her.And let it be said, especially in an age where image is so important – why else is Anna Kournikova so well known? – that Coetzer is a very attractive athlete, even more so in person than on television.Former world number one Martina Hingis once admitted that she hated playing Coetzer more than any other player. “Just when you think you’ve hit a winner”, she said, “the ball comes back at you, again, and again, and again.”Coetzer acknowledges, and is grateful for, the part that fans played in making her choice of career a success. “No matter what I may do in the future, I know that tennis will always be a part of my life”, she reckons.Coetzer’s golden yearUndoubtedly the best year of Coetzer’s career was 1997, when she reached number three in the world, winning tournaments in Budapest and Luxembourg, reaching two Grand Slam semi-finals – the French Open and Australian Open – and beating the great Steffi Graf three times.Only five players ever managed to beat Graf three times in one year. Coetzer’s Australian Open victory over Graf brought the world number one’s 45-match winning streak to an end, and earned Coetzer the nickname that stuck, “The Little Assassin”.Coetzer was also responsible for Graf’s worst ever defeat, a 6-1, 6-0 thrashing of the German in Berlin.The South African star rounded off her most memorable year by becoming the first player in Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) history to win three awards: Most Improved Player, the Diamond ACES award for interaction between players and fans, and (for the second time) the Karen Krantzcke Award for Sportsmanship.Fine recordDuring her career, Coetzer landed nine WTA singles and nine doubles titles. Her last title came in Acupulco, Mexico in 2003, when she won the Mexican Open for the second time.She contested 56 Grand Slam events, and represented South Africa at three consecutive Olympic Games and in numerous Fed Cup ties.Coetzer still sees herself being involved in tennis in future. And her retirement certainly does not mean the end of her Learn Tennis, Love Tennis Foundation – she says the Foundation will remain one of her priorities.Her personal assistant, Bruce Davidson, says her new schedule will include some relaxation time, then it will be about getting down to studying. Coetzer left school in standard eight to take up her tennis career, after which she completed her matric by correspondence. Now she wants to study further.RomanceThere is also something else that is sure to keep Coetzer occupied: romance. She has been linked with Hollywood film producer Arnon Milchan, whose production list includes movies such as “LA Confidential”, “Pretty Woman”, “Fight Club”, “JFK”, “Free Willy” and “Natural Born Killers”.Imagine that … after picking up more than R35-million in prize money during her career – not to mention her personal endorsements – Coetzer is in love with a man whose personal worth dwarfs her own considerable fortune!Milchan is considerably older than Coetzer at 59 years of age, but who knows how love works. All that South African tennis fans know is love for the feisty player from the small Free State town of Hoopstad. She certainly made her mark on the world tennis circuit, and gave her country a player and a role model to be proud of. Want to use this article in your publication or on your website?See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

‘Promote SA as Africa financial gateway’

first_img29 August 2012Promoting South Africa as a financial centre and investment “gateway” for the continent is imperative if the country is to benefit fully from the growing global investor interest in Africa, according to the National Treasury and the country’s banks.This was one of the things that emerged from Monday’s meeting in Pretoria between Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and the chairpersons and CEOs of the major banks.In a statement issued after the meeting, the Treasury said “the substantial global increase in interest in Africa was noted, as well as the fact that South Africa was well placed to benefit from this.“If South Africa is to benefit fully from this interest in sub-Saharan Africa, government and the private sector must work together closely.”The meeting noted that despite the ongoing European and global financial crisis, South Africa’s banks remained well-capitalized, liquid and solvent. Lending conditions had in fact improved, with credit extension beginning to rise, and the latest banking results pointing to a recovery in banks’ profitability.“In particular, the representatives of banks confirmed the build-up of corporate cash balances and noted that this was a global phenomenon, which was typical of global uncertainty and a lack of investor confidence.“This provided opportunities going forward to unlock money for investment in emerging economies.”The banks indicated their strong support for the government’s vision of growth that supported job creation and poverty reduction, and in particular for the state-led infrastructure drive announced by President Jacob Zuma in February.The banks “noted that they could play in key role in both the financing of the key infrastructure projects as well assist in providing the technical capacity to speed up the delivery of such infrastructure,” the Treasury said.“Constraints to a smoother working relationship between the financial sector and government were identified, and the meeting agreed that the Minister of Finance will coordinate attempts within government to remove these blockages.”The meeting also discussed the international regulatory requirements for banks.“Progress in meeting Basel 3 requirements was noted, and the announcement of measures to assist banks to meet the liquidity coverage ratio was welcomed.”The banks had also noted “the ongoing efforts of the National Treasury and the Financial Services Board to ensure South Africa’s compliance with the G20 requirements for clearing and reporting of derivative transactions”.SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

Global Aids conference in South Africa

first_img8 March 2016South Africa will be hosting a series of important international conferences this year, the first being the 21st International Aids Conference, taking place over five days starting on 18 July, International Nelson Mandela Day.Aids 2016, as the conference is known, is co-hosted with the International Aids Society (IAS), and will be held at Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre (ICC) in Durban.“This is the second time that Durban will be hosting the International Aids Conference and marks a major milestone in the HIV response,” said Olive Shisana, the Aids 2016 local co-chair. “We want to create an enhanced conference experience for everyone involved.”Aids 2016 is convened by five permanent partners: IAS, Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+), The International Community of Women Living with HIV (ICW), International Council of Aids Service Organisations (Icaso) and UNAids in collaboration with international and South African scientific and civil society partners. It is expected to convene over 18 000 delegates from around the world, including up to 1 000 journalists.Watch Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa talk about the conference:“This conference will provide a platform for researchers from across the world to share the latest scientific advances in the field, to learn from one another’s expertise and to develop strategies for advancing all facets of our collective efforts to treat and prevent HIV,” the Cabinet said.Held under the theme Access Equity Rights Now, it will serve as a call to action to work together and reach people who still lack access to comprehensive treatment, prevention, care and support services.The South Africa Cabinet said it would advance the country’s HIV and tuberculosis response, and leave an impact on one of the most important challenges in the world.Come see #SouthAfrican Judge, Justice Edwin Cameron speak about human rights & stigma at #AIDS2016 plenary session https://t.co/pKJp7LiKNc— AIDS 2016 (@AIDS_conference) March 7, 2016The country will also host the 17th Conference of Parties (CoP17) to CITES at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg from 24 September to 5 October and the 35th International Geological Congress from 27 August to 4 September.These conferences help to boost the country’s influence on global governance, as well as positively contribute to tourism and investment.SouthAfrica.info reporterlast_img read more

Women’s Long Curly Fancy Dress Wigs Blonde Cosplay Cinderella Costume Ladies Wig Party Free Wig Cap – Great wig but not very robust as it tangles easily

first_imgTerrific for fancy dress, very good cost and matches properly. Although it could not pass for actual hair, i am pretty impressed with how excellent this wig looks.Feels really smooth and nice, i would def suggest.Features of Women’s Long Curly Fancy Dress Wigs Blonde Cosplay Cinderella Costume Ladies Wig Party Free Wig CapThis wig cap size is adjustable and no pins or tape should be required. It should be fit on most people. All you should need to do is adjust the hooks inside the cap to the correct size to suit your head. The breathable design is able to make you feel even wearing no wig.100% high quality Japan fiber, material takes heat up to 130 degree C, or 266 degree F, which provide a natural feeling of real human hair.Long flax Hair Braid Design for Costume Princess Aurora, Cinderella Costume,unique hair wig will make you stand out from the crowdHigh simulation scalp gives you a comfortable feeling when wearing and exquisite in workmanship and silky in feelHair Length: approx. 27 .6 -31inch,Color: BlondeThis appears wonderful – thick and plenty of coverage. . This appears to be like beautiful – thick and plenty of protection. I won’t be able to tell yet how nicely it’ll maintain its condition and irrespective of whether it will tangle as it’s a current for anyone else.Beautiful wig, amazing for the value.Remarkable hair and really quick shipping. Could tell the hair was seriously thick ahead of opening as it felt rather major. Definitely fantastic high-quality, curls are bouncy and feel incredibly comfortable and related to human hair. Actually effortless to set on and arrives with a wig cap, straps on the wig at the back again to secure. The color is a beautiful heat honey blonde just as decribed. The solution came the day just after i ordered it in the afternoon, surprised at how swiftly it was dispatched and arrived.The wig didn’t fall out and was properly created. It hold its condition all evening.Good wig, excellent for fancy dress hair is a. Nice wig, best for fancy dresshair is a very little slim at the back but in general fairly superior high-quality.Wonderful wig but not extremely strong as it tangles easily. Terrific wig but not incredibly robust as it tangles very easily and the strands individual generating for a messy seem. Nevertheless, it can be most likely fantastic for a couple wears and it is enjoyable.Very great, thick wig for the value. Seems to be just like cersei lannister’s hair. You can also get out the braids.Seriously properly designed wig and appears wonderful on a 70s party.As explained and as pictured in addition incredibly fast shipping.Ideal for what i needed it for a terrific affliction. Would obtain from this firm yet again. Remarkable real looking could don out not just for costume dress up .Remarkable excellent for the value. Best for a cersei costume, definitely fantastic colour and fashion.Definitely lovely color and appears to be just like in the impression perfect for fancy dress.Amazing hair and extremely quick deliveryIdeal Cersei wigThis looks lovely – thick and lots of coverage. Great wig but not very robust as it tangles easily Nice wig, perfect for fancy dress Hair is a Great for fancy dress, good price and fits welllast_img read more

5 Enterprise Startups to Watch in 2011 # 3: Erply

first_imgMassive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… IT + Project Management: A Love Affair 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now During a panel at Dreamforce earlier this month, IT managers from companies like Dell and Belkin discussed their migrations to the cloud. Everyone agreed that ERP would be the last set of applications they migrated to the cloud.Erply, along with other new ERP vendors like MyERP and ERPNext, are hoping to convince companies to make that move sooner than later. In an article on high-profile ERP project failures CIO cites Michael Krigsman on the potential of the cloud to improve the ERP experience:Krigsman sees “bright lights on the horizon,” such as the gradual emergence of cloud-based ERP, which can take the complexity out of upgrades for customers, as well as packaged services offerings, where the job gets a fixed price tag instead of being billed by the hour. In addition, such services are often based on well-established processes that have worked for many other customers, Krigsman said.This is exactly the approach Erply is taking by focusing on keeping its software simple and emphasizing only the features that its customers need.Like many of the current crop of enterprise startups marketing through app markets like Google Apps Marketplace, Erply has a freemium business model. Its paid accounts start at €55. Related Posts Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… klint finley Tags:#enterprise#saas As 2010 draws to a close we’re taking a look at a few enterprise startups that show promise and that we haven’t covered on ReadWriteEnterprise.Erply is a Web-based ERP application with support for accounting, inventory, invoicing, CRM, e-commerce, POS and more. Erply is trying to compete with established ERP vendors by offering a dead-simple and affordable ERP solution targeted at retailers.Erply was a winner of Seedcamp 2009 where it received €50,000 in funding. The Estonian company has since raised $2 million, according to TechCrunch. It was also recently selected by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top ten European startups of the year.last_img read more

Why You Look for Unconventional Advice

first_imgThere is a whole cottage industry that has cropped up around providing unconventional advice.Much of the “advice” comes from social science research that the advice-givers believe can be applied to ordinary, everyday life outside of a science experiment. Regardless of context.Still other “advice” is really a contrarian point of view, things like suggesting that people’s flaws are the reason they succeeded, this while ignoring hundreds of other factors that would suggest otherwise.There are a few reasons this unconventional advice appeals to you.You want things to be easier. The reason you want unconventional advice is because the conventional ways of doing things are difficult. You’d rather not do the things that are necessary, so you look for some way to circumvent what is necessary and get the results you want without the effort.The truth is that mastery takes enormous effort and energy. The results that you want only accrue to those who put in the hours. The reason the master make something look easy is because he has practiced for decades.You want something now. You know the one about the best time to plant a tree being a century ago, the second best time being now? You could likely have had what you want right now, but you would have had to start a long time ago. That’s when the people who have what you want started, with few exceptions.If you want something now, you are looking for unconventional advice because you are trying to compress time. If you are trying to compress time, it means you are trying to cram for results.You love the lie. You want to be seduced. You want to be told that you are perfect and that you can have what you want. You want to believe that you deserve what you want without being required to do what is necessary to have it. You want the secret, the hack.There are some fundamental principles that can’t be broken. Like Charlton Heston’s Moses in the movie The Ten Commandments said, “You can’t break the laws. You can only break yourself against them.”Things like character and principles will serve you better than unconventional advice. Being someone worth doing business with, something worth knowing, counts for a lot more when playing the long game than does any unconventional advice.There is a reason the fundamentals stand the test of time. There is a reason they’re conventional. Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Nowlast_img read more