Watch These Movies Before Dont Let Go

first_imgStay on target FrequencyDon’t Let Go is about a detective uncle who talks to his dead niece on the phone in the past to change the future and stop her murder. Frequency is a movie about a father who talks to his son from the future over the radio to prevent all sorts of murders in their shifting timeline.Get OutEver since Blumhouse won an Oscar for Jordan Peele’s debut masterpiece Get Out, the schlockmeisters love to point out that pedigree whenever they have another horror movie about Black people to promote. Opportunistic or not, that doesn’t take away from how great Get Out is.MaAnother Blumhouse Black horror movie, Ma tries to subvert the mammy stereotype by having Octavia Spencer play an unhinged Black woman who takes an unsettling interest in befriending white teenagers. It comes from Tate Taylor, who upheld some disappointing mammy stereotypes along with Spencer in The Help. So Ma ended up being as confused as those dueling interests suggest.SelmaBeing asked to play Martin Luther King Jr. has got to be pretty daunting. But David Oyelowo pulls it off beautifully in Selma, not impersonating the man (they can’t even use his speeches) but by embodying his soul. It’s also just a great movie. Instead of going the hagiography biopic route, the movie shows the actual nitty gritty radical local politics needed to pull off something like the Civil Rights Movement.The Twilight Zone: ReplayI was kind of disappointed by most of the new Twilight Zone. And even its best episode, Replay, botches the landing by being overly melodramatic. Still, this story of a desperate Black mother constantly going back in time to save her son from a murderous white cop is the closest the show gets to something host Jordan Peele would write.FallenFallen is a movie where Denzel Washington is a detective who fights a demon serial killer hopping between host bodies. Sure!The First PurgeKudos to Blumhouse for continuing to take the premise of the Purge franchise to its logical political conclusions. The Purge is a night where all crime is legal in an effort to “purge” society’s dark impulses, but of course it’s all just a scam by right-wing white elites to slaughter minority underclasses. The First Purge is the cathartic Black revenge fantasy against the system we all need right now. It’s the end of August. Summer blockbusters are basically over. Awards season hasn’t yet begun. Studios are just dumping whatever they’ve got to fill up theaters. But that doesn’t mean it’s all bad. Don’t Let Go from Blumhouse is a movie I literally hadn’t heard of until like four days ago. But it’s got David Oyelowo, Bryan Tyree Henry, Alfred Molina, and the little girl from A Wrinkle In Time so how bad can it be?Watch these movies before Don’t Let Go.center_img Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This WeekWatch These Movies Before ‘Hustlers’ last_img read more