Canons 5200mm prime lens is super rare and quite massive

first_imgWhen you absolutely, positively need to take pictures of something really far away, look no further than this 5200mm Canon ultra-telephoto lens. The Canon 5200mm F14 Prime is the worlds largest known SLR lens, and you’ll probably never see one in real life. It is believed that only three of these monster lenses were ever produced, and all are in the hands of private owners.The 5200mm Prime, which was manufactured in Japan, has insane zoom distances. It is designed to focus on objects 18 to 32 miles away. Basically, if the 5200mm Prime was much more powerful, the curvature of the Earth would start to affect the results.The lens’ minimum object distance is 120 meters (about 400 feet). So if you wanted to take a picture of the family having a picnic in the park, you’d have to be over a football field away. Of course, you could also be a few towns over and get the same result from the right vantage.This thing looks like a mid-sized telescope and weighs a whopping 220 lbs (without its stand). If you want a frame of reference for how incredible this lens is, its level of magnification is roughly one-tenth that of the Hubble Space Telescope, which rates at about 55,000mm. Interestedly enough, the built-in light filters make this lens ideal for space photography (though not as good as the Hubble).The video above shows off some epic stills of the lens itself. To be clear, the zooming sequence at the end is a simulation. It wasn’t actually taken with a 5200mm lens, but gives you an idea how it might work.The 5200mm Prime is definitely a rare and valuable lens, but its utility is very limited. As such, it doesn’t have the kind of cash value you might expect. One of these beasts sold on eBay a few years ago for “just” $50,000.So that’s Canon’s 5200mm lens. It puts that 1600mm Leica to shame (though that one is worth roughly 40 times as much, not that it will ever go on sale again).last_img read more